American Red Cross part of a team of relief agencies in Pulaski County WAYNESVILLE, August 19, 2013 — Community agencies are turning their focus from short-term needs to long-term recovery for Pulaski County residents affected by the recent flooding in the county. “Immediately after the flood we wanted to make sure those impacted have the food, clothing, shelter, information and support they needed to survive the initial shock of this tragic event,” said Phillip Iman, American Red Cross Heart of Missouri Chapter disaster specialist and assistant director of the Red Cross's recent disaster response in the area. “Now, we want those who lost their homes or whose homes were damaged to have the tools and the knowledge they need to take the next step to meet their long-term recovery goals.” The Red Cross is part of Pulaski County's Community Organizations Active in Disasters (COAD), which is a group of area agencies that can assist residents in their long-term plans. Pulaski County residents can contact the COAD by calling 573-774-4725. “We want to continue to build and establish new partner relationships while nourishing existing ones,” Iman said. The Red Cross will participate in COAD meetings and support the organization as much as possible. “Long-term recovery is an ongoing focus for all of us,” Iman said.