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    • Local CrossFit gym honors fallen through “Murph"

    • Dropping Plates CrossFit members honored the fallen in a different way on Monday. Instead of partaking in traditional Memorial Day barbeques or cemetery ceremonies, 24 athletes — many of them military members — completed an intense workout called Murph. Memorial Day Murph is named after Navy Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy, a medal of honor recipient who was killed in Afghanistan on June 28, 2005. CrossFit gyms across the nation take part in this event. The workout is away to honor all fallen service members. “Remember the reason you are here today and remember who you are doing this for," Dropping Plates CrossFit owner Greg Snyder told the athletes before the workout. The 24 athletes completed a one-mile run, 300 squats, 200 push-ups, 100 pull-ups, followed by another one-mile run. 

      Posted May. 31, 2013