“We can't drill our way out of this …”  — Pick any Dem
I may finally agree with this morsel of DNC drivel. 
Since President Bush eradicated the presidential moratorium on offshore drilling, a barrel of the black oozy stuff had dropped $22 off its high, an all-time record plunge.
And that’s without one tiny drill burrowing one more little ol’ oil well.
Yep, Dubya called Congress’ bluff and cajoled the Dem powder puffs to go along.  Thus far Congress has told Bush and the American people where they can stick their drills. 
Dems in Congress have ordered oil companies to drill on millions of acres of barren land, and threatened to take them over. This from a Congress that can’t even run their cafeteria. 
Telling the American people that we must develop nuclear, solar, wind and safe coal energy, makes the average guy or gal say “Duuuuuuuuuuuh! Really?!”
In the meantime, just sniffing that we may release the drilling dogs where the oil is has slashed prices. With oil in the $125 a barrel range, could a congressional ban lifting lower it to $75, maybe $50? Seems logical, yet Dems deny it as easily as Barack brushes off the Surge.

American voters may have been born at night, just not last night

The American people are distancing themselves from these loons. This congress is rated lower than whale feces.  Its single digit 9 percent approval rating (Rasmussen Reports July 8), does not bode well for the majority nor its arrogant amateur candidate Barack Hussein Obama.
I’m so frustrated, I could sing!
It’s time for this week’s karaoke special, my personal favorite, “The House of the Rising Sun” by the Animals.    This song aired on LPs throughout the ’60s fruited/flyover plains.   
Every fall afternoon, our Evanston freshmen football team gathered in a locker room so old and dank, we called it the dungeon. We sang, standing in mid-teen male unison, a band of bros in various stages of pre- and post-shower attire (down girls!). 
We performed daily, in celebration of survival of another collision-filled, bloody October rampage. Our rhythm and range were worthy of American Idol. I can see the making of “History of the High School Musical Part One.” Mel Brooks we're beggin’ you. Write the script already! 
In the meantime, our dysfunctional, power-abusing Congress has impelled me to bastardize one more standard. Forgive me purists and Animals. One-two-three, Everybody!

“The Homes of the Setting Sun”
Taken from the Animals

“There are two homes in Washington,
the senate and the reps,
They’ve been the ruin of many girl and boy,
The righteous and the schleps.

“My mother was a litigator,
She sued her way to wealth,
My father was a senator
A politician by way of stealth

“Now the only thing a senator needs
is a camera and his mouth,
And the only time he’s satisfied
is when insulting the prez from the south.

“Oh mother, tell your children,
Not to do what he has done,
Waste your lives in sin and misery
In the domes of the setting sun.

“Well he’s got one hand out for bribing,
The other hand on the train,
Ain’t no way he’s driving,
’til gas comes down again.

“Well there are two homes in Washington
the senate and the reps,
They’ve been the ruin of many girl and boy,
The righteous and the schleps.” 

I dated a bank teller. She was sensitive to change

As an average taxpaying, payroll-aking, small American businessman, the recent drop of the price of gas has change jingling in my previously lint-filled pockets. Now there’s even some money that folds amongst the extra nickels and dimes.
Just think of how much lower the price of gas might go if the Democratic Congress removes their heads from their lower orifices and eliminates their ban on offshore and Anwar drilling.
The American people are talking to you. How about lowering yourself and do your job … for a change?