The City of St. Robert passed an ordinance in March  prohibiting the sale of animals within the city limits without a permit from the city.
The passing of this ordinance has cut down on the number of street-side vendors; however, too many vendors are still present along St. Robert Boulevard.
The Pulaski County Humane Society is asking for your help. Without written permission from the property owner, they cannot set up “shop.” We solicit your help by asking you to not permit vendors to sell puppies on your business properties.
One of our goals to reduce the pet overpopulation problem is by promoting spay and neuter programs and to encourage people to adopt from local shelters … too many dogs are being euthanized because there are no homes for them.
Street-side vending of animals lends to impulsive buying. Many of these animals will eventually end up loose on our streets or dumped in the county. This problem is not being managed by the county and is an ongoing burden to the cities.
The termination of these vendors will have a positive effect on the financial, as well as the manpower burden of our local governments.
Should you have any questions, or require more information, please contact us at the Humane Society web site, or call 774-0067.