Dear editor,

I am writing to comment on recent statements by Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and Governor Piyush “Bobby” Jindal.
An Associated Press news story says that Secretary Rice “is making clear that she doesn’t want to be considered for vice president.”  I find that odd, since Secretary Rice recently attended one of Grover Norquist’s weekly “powerhouse” gatherings where these types of decisions are made. In March, Secretary Rice “indicated to prominent conservatives that she is very interested.”  Interested parties can find an article (on the web) at Governor Jindal has also recently stated that he is not interested in running for vice president.
Although she didn’t do very well as National Security Adviser, Secretary Rice could do very well as a running mate for Senator McCain. Governor Jindal is a rising star within the Republican Party who could also do very well as a running mate for Senator McCain.
Why then, are these two out of the running? The answer is painfully simple.  Secretary Rice and Governor Jindal are not white men. The neoconservatives in the Republican Party would never allow Senator McCain to select a female or a person of color as his running mate. 
I am by no means asserting that all Republicans are racist or sexist, but the neoconservatives (powerhouses) who dominate the Republican Party are, among other things, racist and sexist. For that matter, I am not asserting that I have any antipathy toward white men.
Contrast this picture with the Democrat Party, which will probably make history by nominating a black man as its candidate for President of the United States. 
The Republican Party is not obligated to follow the example of the Democrat Party.  However, the Republican Party should consider and utilize the gifts and talents of all of its members and supporters, regardless of color, gender or race. If the Republican Party had adapted this practice, perhaps they would have a presidential candidate that Republicans can actually generate some level of enthusiasm for. 
If, somehow, Senator McCain becomes the next president, Secretary Rice and Governor Jindal may take places within the McCain cabinet. After all, by appointing Condoleeza Rice (a black female) the neocons get to “check two blocks” in creating their illusion of support for diversity.
However, when it comes down to the top positions, the neocons would never allow Secretary Rice or Governor Jindal to fill them. Even though I have no affiliation whatsoever with the Republican Party, I can accurately predict the color, gender and race of Senator McCain’s running mate.           
Carl A. Grandberry 
St. Robert