CROCKER — Members of the Crocker R-II School Board voted July 22 to increase school meal and athletic gate fees, but kept rates among the lowest in the area.
Crocker’s current athletic fees are $1 for students and $2 for adults. Superintendent Jim Bogle said the rates hadn't changed since at least 2003 when he came to the district, but said there may be no choice given increased costs.
“I am so pleased that we have not increased our gate admission prices at least since I've been here,” Bogle said.
Board members said they're not sure when the rates last increased but said it was before Bogle's tenure began.
One idea for increasing rates included charging $3 for non-Crocker parents, but board member Dawn Kubinski questioned whether that's enforceable.
“How are you going to know if they are a Crocker parent or not?” Kubinski asked. “You're going to have people saying, 'That's my niece.'”
“The people at the gate usually know,” Bogle responded.
Other board members said identifying Crocker parents could be done by checking the color of clothing parents choose to wear to see if it's the Crocker colors or those of the other school.
“Other schools are doing this, some are charging for things we don't charge for at all, and I don't think this is at all out of line,” Bogle said. “We're very conscientious about how we handle this; we are one of the cheapest places to go to watch a ball game.”
After a closed session, board members voted on a slightly different plan: charging a $3 gate fee for all adults and admitting all students for free. That proposal passed by a 5 to 2 vote, with board members Kris York and Don Mayhew dissenting.
Board members also agreed to raise the meal prices, which Bogle said also haven't been raised since he came to the district.
The current Crocker rates are 60 cents for elementary breakfast, 75 cents for high school breakfast and $1.25 for adult breakfast. Lunch rates are $1.10 for elementary students, $1.25 for high school and $1.75 for adults. Bogle proposed increasing all of those rates by 25 cents.
“The main thing is we've spent more money getting food here and serving food,” Bogle said. “This would generate about $7,000 to $10,000. We can look at what we're buying and how prepare it and try to find ways to save money.”
In other business, board members:
• accepted Jay Thompson's resignation as cross country coach,
• tabled two hiring decisions, and
• agreed to buy a septic holding tank for the bathrooms on the athletic field at a cost not to exceed $3,000 if the county heath department agrees to accept that system.