Will use for GW Lane relocation project, commercial pad site development

After a brief emergency special City Council meeting, Waynesville council members emerged to cast their vote concerning a $1.34 million land sale to the city.

The sole agenda item received unanimous approval from those in attendance. Councilwoman Diana Stanford abstained from the vote, Councilman Mike France was absent, and Councilwoman Luge Hardman participated and cast her vote by phone.

The 32-acre parcel of land that sets just off Ichord Avenue and Outer Road East, will be used for the GW?Lane relocation project, as well as commercial pad site development.

“This allows the City of Waynesville to move forward with an important road project that we’ve been planning for a number of months,”?Mayor Cliff Hammock said. “An important decision was made here tonight.”

GW’s relocation has been in the planning stages for years. Students and school administrators travel the busy road, and its intersection with Ichord Avenue (H Highway) has caused concern about driver safety. The project was developed to help address the safety concern, as well as traffic congestion as west Waynesville continues to develop and grow.

Problems with obtaining the necessary property stalled the project and forced city officials to rethink the original plan.

A roundabout was brought up by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) as one option, but it was not favorable to the school district. Monday night’s land purchase will allow the city to pursue the original design plan, with a few modifications.

A new road will connect GW?Lane to Lowe Drive, and a traffic signal will be installed at that intersection. The rest of GW?Lane will be closed, and its current access point removed.

“We have the financing arrangements in place,”?Hammock said. “We think it will pay dividends once the road goes through.”?

Hammock said the city plans to use the land for commercial pad site development, and the road should increase the value of the property exponentially.

“We think there would be some good pad sites for commercial development on both sides,” he said.

The emergency meeting was called because part of the GW Lane relocation effort is being paid for through a cost-share grant with MoDOT.

“We were close on our deadline with the state, making sure we didn’t lose any grant monies,”?Hammock said. “It’s (the project) on track.”?