Here’s a little hint for all you baseball fans out there: You’re going to want to take your calendar and circle May 16-22 in bold, red ink. Then underline it, highlight it and send yourself an E-mail notification alert.

If you like baseball in any way, you do not, under any circumstances, want to miss the Class 2 District 8 tournament this year. The Class 2 state championship just might be decided right then and there.

I know it’s still early, but three of the eight teams in District 8 are state-ranked.

Defending district champs Eugene (12-1) were ranked No. 3 in the April 16 coaches’ poll.

Dixon was ranked No. 8 at 10-2 (13-1, but they were forced to forefit their season opening win vs. Licking).

Their only other loss was to No. 9 Conway— who is sure to move up the rankings at 17-2.

The Bears also have another thing going for them.

According to Israel Potoczny, chronicler of all things Laclede County for the Lebanon Daily Record, Conway pitchers have held opposing hitters scoreless for 31 consecutive innings. The Bears have also allowed just three runs (one earned) in their last 50 innings.

Just those three teams alone would make a week watching this tournament worth the price of admission, but don’t forget Plato (10-2) and Iberia (11-5). Laquey (6-6) could also sneak into contention.

We’ll wait and see how the last month of the season plays out, but be ready for a wild tournament week in Iberia next month.