A typical day for Pulaski County commissioner includes, among other things, handling road issues and emergency issues.

Thursday, April 29, was no different as the commission was greeted by a Harvey Drive resident who came to see if commissioners could help with his road.

Issac DuBose asked the commissioners if they could help him fix drainage ditches near his property so the water would flow.

“I’m still trying to clean mud and trash off my patio,”?he said, referring to the past weekend’s rains.

Eastern District Commissioner Bill Farnham said he could have a road grater out today, April 30, or the first of next week, to address the issue.

In other business, County Clerk Diana Linnenbringer reported she had a request from Pulaski County 9-1-1 to get the commissioner’s home phone numbers.

The reason, she explained, was to have a record of someone to reach in an emergency, like if a tree were to go down on a road in the early morning hours.

Commissioners agreed they should be first contact in such an instance, and if they couldn’t be reached, the No. 2 contact would be the districts' road foremen.