While 58 percent of Pulaski?County residents took the opportunity to mail back their 10-question census form, the remaining 42 percent did not.

Those in the later category can expect to see census workers showing up on their doorsteps as early as tomorrow as the bureau deploys some 635,000 people to collect household data.

More than $400 billion in federal dollars is divided up to states based on population, and this year Missouri is at risk of losing a Congressional seat if the numbers aren’t there.

In Pulaski County, the federal funds support schools and other entities, and population numbers can and will impact what type of development and industry will come to the area.

City officials have stressed the need for military members to be counted, reminding them it will have no bearing on their home of record, where they pay taxes or vote. The census is simply a count of where people are.

For the next two months, census workers will go door to door to collect data, and will leave a door hanger so residents will have the option of making an appointment.

While there is not uniform for census workers, they do carry an identification badge, and will provide the phone number of a supervisor or local census office if asked. Many will also have an official census shoulder bag.

Additionally, census workers will not ask for personal finance information, like bank account or credit card numbers, and they won’t ask for a Social Security number.