Commission: NID was miscalculated, could cost county money

The Pulaski County Commission could be out more than $8,000 after a Neighborhood Improvement District was discovered to be poorly planned.
At the Thursday meeting of the Pulaski County Commission, County Clerk Diana Linnenbringer told commissioners that the White Oaks NID, which was formed in 2000 and runs for 15 years, has a payment due Feb. 1. Linnenbringer said the payment cannot be made until the budget is finished and approved, which will not be done in time, causing penalty fees for a late payment.
Linnenbringer said in 2012, the NID will cost the county $8,040 plus the more than $500 bond fee and the NID itself will not have enough in its fund to cover the expenses.
“What’s going to happen next year is, there is not enough money in that fund that will be collected to pay for that NID’s payment,”?Linnenbringer said.
Presiding Commissioner Don McCulloch said someone must have miscalculated in 2000 when the NID was established.
Eastern District Commissioner Bill Farnham said the attorneys responsible for drawing up the NID agreement and paperwork should be responsible, but the county will most likely have to foot the bill.
“Apparently, they didn’t figure right,”?Farnham said. “The county, I don’t think was the one responsible.”
McCulloch said the needed funds would have to come out of the road and bridge fund, which is already strained trying to maintain and repair the county’s many roads.
Linnenbringer said payments will need to continue being made through 2015’s taxes. The last payment will be Feb. 1, 2016.
“So that’s the situation,”?Linnenbringer said.
Farnham said the commissioners, in 2000, are also responsible for allowing the poorly constructed NID to be established.
“The former commissioners are the ones who agreed to it,”?Farnham said.
Linnenbringer said there are four other NID’s in the county, all of which she said she believes are in good shape and should not put the county in a similar situation.
McCulloch said the county needs to contact the attorneys responsible and find out what happened.
“They’re supposed to be the experts on it,”?Farnham said.
In other business, the commission approved an amendment to the Deputy Sheriff Supplemental fund, a state-wide fund set up to aid counties with below-average salaries for deputy sheriffs.
Linnenbringer said more money was taken in than anticipated and the fund was amended to incorporate the full $953 taken in.
Linnenbringer said the road and bridge and the general revenue bills have been paid and both came in under budget.