Sewer District users will not see a rate increase in 2011

The Pulaski County Sewer District, after looking at user rates, has declared that no rate increase will be seen in 2011.
At the Sewer District meeting Tuesday, the board approved an ordinance on user rates, which specifies no rate increase for 2011, even with an assumed 3 percent growth in users.
“We were able to meet the needs of the district and hold rates even this year, we did not have any rate increase,” Board Treasurer Nathan Purdome said.
Board Chairman Gary Porter said the district is able to continue providing service without any increase, which is something in today’s economy.
Board Trustee Ray Campbell said the district worked hard to try and lower customer rates and though that could not be achieved, the board was able to at least prevent an increase.
“The board worked extremely hard trying to lower rates and we were not able to do that, but we were able to hold it steady” Campbell said.
District Office Manager Nola Wood said it was important to remember that though there will not be any rate increases, customer bills may still go up because of increased water usage.
“I think it’s awesome that the board was able to get us a budget that didn’t have an increase, but one thing is that customers need to understand their bill may still go up because of their water usage,” Wood said.
Purdome said if a customer’s water usage has changed, their bill will reflect it even without a rate increase.
Wood said the district has been reminding customers to check for leaks or anything that might contribute to an increased use of water.
In other business, the district hired a new attorney to replace Bill Hickle, who was recently elected as Associate Circuit Court Judge Division 2 in Rolla.
Porter said the board looked at four candidates, examining experience and credentials, before choosing the firm of Williams, Robinson, Rigler & Buschjost, out of Rolla.
Porter said the district’s lead attorney from the firm would be Cary Hansen, a Waynesville native, with Kent Robinson as the secondary attorney.