Completion date set for late May; opening in July

The St. Robert City Council has approved a bid for the future golf course and it is anticipated to be complete by late May.
City Attorney Kevin Hillman said Munie Greencare Professionals had the lowest bid, at $409,388, out of six bidders.
Hillman said the company said the course could be complete by May 27, but opening would not be scheduled until July or late June to give the grass time to grow.
The council also approved an ordinance amending the  guidelines for utilities.
City Administrator Alan Clark said the ordinance prevents utilities from being disconnected not only when the temperature is below 32 degrees, but also when the temperature is in excess of 100 degrees.
Clark said this was done in consideration of the often extreme heat waves had in Missouri in the summers.
The ordinance also changes who can grant extensions to customers who need more time to pay  bills.
Clark said, in order to take all the subjectivity out of the situation, only himself or Mayor George Sanders can decide if a customer gets an extension.
This, Clark said, also makes things easier on the employees who work at the front desk of City Hall, who are often subject to a variety of methods to try and allow an extension.
Clark said all extensions would be handled on a case-by-case basis.
Clark said the city is already in the hole $300,000 for unpaid utility bills and needed to have a set policy in place for all customers to abide by.
The council also passed an ordinance amending the section of the city code dictating the duties of the city counselor and prosecutor.
Hillman said he wanted to straighten things out for his own replacement, once he begins as Pulaski County prosecuting attorney in January.