Coming off the biggest victory since 1938, Republicans earned their license to hunt any devious Lame Duck legislation. Having a full month to plan, one would think Republicans might have done more for the people who vented them in. They weren’t elected to help pass more country-destroying laws. They were elected to kill bad billsand then invite the country to the bar-b-q. Voters propelled them from a minority to a large majority in one fell swoop to stop this runaway train.

That being said, I think Obama’s contract with America’s first black President, William Jefferson Clinton (I hate to think what the payback is) helped him realize that he had to deal with the Republicans. As a result, Barack caught Republicans by surprise and got them to pay tribute to him with a career-saving deal.   Republicans could have gotten five years on the tax deal or even lowered taxes for everyone or let Obama stall them into next year when Repubs took effective control of the purse strings.

But the deal is what it is. We shouldn’t lose sleep over it. It’s the first jab in the next campaign and Repubs were wide open for it. Their apparent bipartisanship lends credibility for the Republicans to be relentless in their campaign to repeal Obamacare.

Lest they forget, here are the major issues Republicans must adjust, pass or repeal starting January 5th, 2011.

• Obamacare must be repealed. It will go down in history as the worst legislation ever passed in of the USA. They’ll be teaching this in political science courses for centuries. If Republicans don’t do anything else, this will be considered a benchmark of a great Congress.

• Oil drilling on and offshore must be reinstated—STAT!

• A 10% (you name the %) spending cut must be implemented across the board.

• Welfare Reform must be implemented so people who are getting help don’t see it as permanent, and refuse to seek work.

• Legislate to remove onerous rulings by government agencies. Congress must insist on passing legislation instead of president-appointed hacks.

• Make all “czars” be vetted by the FBI, voted on by Congress—with all information available to the press. 

• Call for hearings on the Lame Duck-passed Start Treaty and let America know what it does for us.

• Roast the Lame Ducks. Move up the swear-ins so the people get represented closer to their vote.

If Michigan goes 1-12 and their only victory is Ohio State, their season is deemed a success.

The key for Republicans is repealing Obamacare. Getting that done brings our country back to a Democratic Republic from the broke Marxist Tyranny it must become. Foremost, it shows Republicans can heed their voters and as The Godfather insisted “…ACT LIKE A MAN!!”

Just yesterday it was revealed that there will be death panels instituted through Medicare, just as Sarah Palin told us in August of 2009. Plus, the results of a recent doctor poll shows 74% of them threatening retirement or a reduction of their practices when Obamacare is implemented.

All this must be done despite the predictability of Obama’s vetoes. Let’s see how ruling against America works with a steady and measured Republican majority.

If the country rebounds, as it looks like it might with the continuation of Bush tax policies, Republican tightening and a cycle that would have already corrected itself without the meddling of Obama and the Dems, I have one question. How does Obama get re-elected running against that?

If the President adapts his idol’s (Clinton) strategy of bending to the Repubs, and thus the will of the people, even if he has to grit his teeth and fake his smile,he can win in 2012.

If he doesn’t, any Republican can and will beat him---and his little friends in the House and Senate.

That’ll put a second and third coat on the November 2nd shellacking, smothering a reversal for the next 30 to 50 years.