Former Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals manager and 2010 baseball Hall of Fame inductee Whitey Herzog spoke out against the new baseball expansion calling it another way to make money and get the wild card teams out of the playoffs.

“The commissioner has added two more wild card teams,” said Herzog. “And the reason he is doing that, first of all he wants to get one more big game for 10 million dollars, the other thing is 11 out of the last 17 years the World Series has been won by a wild card team and he is trying to punish them. Instead of making them play four or five games in a row, he is having this game.”

Baseball used to have a format where the wild card team would play the top seed, unless they were from the same division, in a five game play off. That format now will change to a one game playoff to determine who gets the chance to “get” into the playoffs. Then it will go to a 2-3 format for this year only, with the lower seed getting the first two games at home, followed by the higher seed getting the last three.

“To get into the wild card situation, the knock out game, they have to pitch their number one guy and then if they win that game, the next day they have to play to advance to the playoffs so they throw their number two guy,” said Herzog. “Now when they start the five game series, the wild card team has to pitch their third best pitcher. Thats what it is all about but they don't say that.”