When 'Battlefield America' opens in AMC movie theaters June 1, one local Waynesville couple will be taking a road trip to see it. Paul and Lelar Corbett's granddaughter, 11-year old Chandler Kinney, is one of the actresses in the dance-themed film. "It's a hip-hop movie and she has a speaking part," Paul said of his granddaughter's role in the film. The movie focuses on a group of children and teens who enter an underground dance competition. Chandler got her start in the arts with dancing, according to her mother, Taryn Kinney.  "At age three she decided she wanted to be a dancer and she has never veered off that path," Taryn said via phone from the family's Simi Valley, Calif., home. Her love of dance transferred into a love of acting and Chandler has been in a number of commercials for stores and restaurants, including Church's Chicken and Gap. "She just loves the camera," Lelar said.  While both her grandparents said they're proud of her accomplishments in entertainment, they're also proud of her scholarly pursuits. "My hesitation with this was her education," Paul said. But he said Chandler's managed to keep up with excellent grades while still pursuing her dancing and acting. "We're proud of her," Lelar said, "but we have 10 grandchildren and we're proud of all of them." And although Chandler enjoys the lights, stage and cameras in California, her mother said she hopes to visit her family in Waynesville sometime this summer. "I think she'd rather be at her grandparent's house than anywhere," Taryn said. "We're really trying to get home this summer. "She loves Waynesville," Taryn added. "Hopefully she'll get to spend some time there ... and as things progress in her career she'll have some of her mom's hometown friends cheering her on as well." Next week, Chandler, her two brothers and her parents will attend the movie's premiere. "They're having a big premiere on May 23, so we're all going to that," Taryn said. "It's exciting. I don't even know how to describe it. She's thrilled about it." And her family, including her grandparents, is thrilled for her as well. "She's a remarkable young lady," Paul said.