Head Cook, Waynesville Head Start

What inspired you to become a cook?

Carola was inspired by her mom.  "I have loved to cook and spend time in the kitchen since I was young," Carola said. She learned from her mom and soon started working for her friends’ restaurants to gain experience before working for Head Start.
 "It is relaxing for me and I like to cook for the children here. It is important to provide the little ones with healthy meals made from scratch so they can reach their full learning potential," Carola said.

What is most challenging as a teacher? Why?

"I have to be fast to cook three breakfast and three lunches each day." Carola said.  
On top of cooking all the healthy meals, she also prepares the paperwork, grocery list and does the shopping to ensure the best nutrition for the children.

What moment at Head Start has been most memorable?

"All the staff and volunteers are like family.  They make each day memorable in my life,"Carola said.  
"We have a great facility and work environment here, because of all the employees, our great boss and the families.  We are all here for the children to provide education, care and good food."