The impeachment proceedings for St. Robert Mayor George Sanders have been rescheduled for June 25 at 5 p.m. and are expected to continue through June 27.  The city announced at it's Monday, May 21, Board of Aldermen meeting that the proceedings would most likely continue during the day, on consecutive days, after the first initial meeting on Monday, June 25.
Sanders' attorneys have been busy filing court documents in relation to the case including the attempt to depose acting mayor Todd Williams and city attorney Debra Moore, who failed to show up for their subpoenaed  depositions last week.
Another filing in the case is an order compelling the testimony of Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney and former St. Robert city attorney Kevin Hillman.
Hillman was recently deployed to Kuwait, but according to court documents is “agreeable to being deposed, but asks to have the court issue an order” requiring him to testify.
The court agreed and Hillman has been ordered to give testimony “as to any information he has about personnel matters within the St. Robert Fire Department and the St. Robert City Clerk's office.”