The annual Pulaski County Regional Fair opened Wednesday evening in St. Robert. 


The annual Pulaski County Regional Fair opened Wednesday evening in St. Robert. Each year the fair draws crowds with rides, food, special events and contests and this year’s event is beginning in the same fashion. One of the first events of the fair is the judging of the youth 4-H projects, which was completed Wednesday evening. Sarah Traub, who helped fill in at the fair for county 4-H Youth Specialist Michele Kroll, said this year’s 4-H competition drew more entries than last year. “Last year I think they said they had less than 10 projects,” she said. This year, 27 different projects were entered into the competition from youth in three area 4-H clubs. “We have things from the military 4-H Club at Fort Leonard Wood, we have projects here from Farm U 4-H Club, and we also have items from the Champions 4-H Club,” Traub said. The projects covered a wide range of entries. Unlike some county fairs, the 4-H projects at the Pulaski County Fair are not separated into varying categories. “We have T-shirts that were made, drawings, some wooden paddleboats, even laundry soap and one decorated cake,” Traub said. “If they made it in 4-H, through one of their projects they were signed up in, they could enter it as long as the child made it themselves. It wasn’t something they pulled out of a box.” Each project was awarded a blue, red or white ribbon. Some of the projects will go on to the Missouri State Fair later in the year. Traub said she and the other judges were impressed with the caliber of the projects. In all, 22 blue ribbons were awarded and five red ribbons. There was also one Best in Show trophy awarded to a computer animation project by 9-year-old Brandon Kidwell. “For a 9-year-old, we thought that was pretty creative animation with all the colors and the shapes,” she said. All the 4-H projects will be on display in the St. Robert Community Center throughout the remainder of the fair. The fair runs until Saturday evening and special events are held daily. For additional information about the fair schedule, visit   Complete list of 4-H project awards Best in Show:  Brandon Kidwell, age 9   Blue Ribbons: Alecsia Lester, age 8 Alysa Rich, age 7 (awarded two blue ribbons) Anjelena Mullens,  age 10 Autumn Peek, age 17 Brandon Kidwell, age 9 (awarded two blue ribbons) Brielle Amick, age 12 Brooklyn Paxton, age 7 Caleb Mackentosh, age 8 Derrick Jordan, age 6 (awarded two blue ribbons) Jesse Laughlin, age 13 Kaleb Helms, age 11  Kimberly Harris, age 13 Kylie Sparks, age 6 Maggie Patton, age 7 (awarded two blue ribbons) Michael Mullens, age 8 Neela Sabb, age 10 Reece Martelloti, age 7 Shannon Morrison, age 9   Red Ribbons: Lamia Sabb, age 12 Lonquil Carrington, age 11 Xavier Smith, age 10 (awarded three red ribbons)