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What do you like most about doing these kinds of competitions? Bustillos said she enjoys being competitive and loves food science. As a dietician and a scientist, she likes to try different tastes and recipes to see what the outcomes will be.  “I get bunch of ingredients together and ask what can I do with this?” Bustillos said.  She particularly enjoys the development process of creating new recipes and all the recipes she enters in contests are ones that she has developed herself. She said she likes to try things that are cool or different.    Why pie contests? Bustillos said she actually likes to enter all kinds of different food contests. She has competed in state fairs in Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri, in addition to other recipe and cooking contests.  The unusual thing about all this cooking and baking for Bustillos is that she doesn’t eat most of what she cooks. Bustillos said she is not really into eating sweets. She enjoys the science of cooking and sharing the things she makes with other people.  “I like to experiment with food,” Bustillos said.   How long have you been doing this? She said she has been baking since she “could stand at a stove and cook,” but has been competing since she was a young girl in 4 H Club.    What advice do you have for someone who would like to try this out? “Be creative, don’t give up, baking and cooking may not have the results you want the first time,” Bustillos said.