What made you want to start a pro-life advocacy club?   Jalen said her inspiration for starting her pro-life advocacy club comes from her love of babies. She said she wants to help stop abortion by helping organizations that promote the pro-life movement. “I love babies and I don’t want them to die,” Jalen said.   When did you first have the idea for the club?   Jalen has always been passionate about the issue, according to her mother, Sara Yacks, but was looking for a way to incorporate that into an outlet. Jalen said she wanted to involve her community and other kids so she wasn’t doing it all by herself.   How did you end up partnering with the FWC?   Jalen asked her mom to find some way for her to volunteer or get involved. Sara began calling around to find a place Jalen could become a part of and found the Free Women’s Center (FWC) in Waynesville. The ladies made an appointment to talk to Director George Heib and the Pro-Life Club was born.    What do you hope to accomplish? What are your goals for your club? Ultimately, Jalen said she would like to end all abortion, but in the mean time she is content to hold fundraisers and volunteer to help the FWC.   What are your plans for the club?   Jalen and her other club members are holding a bake sale July 2 in front of Wal-Mart to benefit the FWC from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. The proceeds from the bake sale will help put shelving in FWC’s Mother’s Boutique to hold items donated for pregnant women in crisis.   If you want to help People interested in helping Jalen can stop by her bake sale or donate items to sell. She is taking donations for the bake sale on Friday from 10 -4 and Saturday from 1 -3 at the Free Women’s Center.



More about Jalen Age 9   Occupation home schooled student   Hometown St. Robert   Family Mom, Sara Yacks, Dad, Michael Clyburn, sister, Ariel Clyburn, brother, Peter Yacks, brother, Joseph Yacks.    Hobbies Jalen said she likes to draw, color and read. Her favorite books are the Bible and the Left Behind series for kids.