What it is To find out how hot it really is, the news team decided to test out the theory that it is hot enough to fry an egg inside your car. The result was surprising and terrifying.


Every summer, local law enforcement agencies find themselves responding to calls involving children and animals left inside parked vehicles with little or no ventilation. To see how quickly the heat can affect the person inside, the news team took an egg and placed it in a skillet and left inside a parked car. When being left inside a car for less than a minute, the edges of the egg began to turn white. Within 20 minutes, the egg was edible. What happened with the egg is similar to what happens to  a child or an animal. Even after five minutes, the situation can become dangerous. Within 15 minutes, the inside temperature of a car can reach 150 to 170 degrees during the summer. Being exposed to that type of heat is dangerous even for short periods of time. Local officials urge residents to get involved if they see a child, dependent adult or pet alone in a hot vehicle and call for help immediately. "Our bodies are not made to withstand those types of temperatures," said law enforcement officials. "Once the temperature inside a vehicle reaches 107 degrees, it causes distress and puts children and dogs at risk." The forecast calls for triple digit highs throughout the weekend.