On or about July 24, 2008, you published this letter: “I hear that J. T. Roberts is running on a platform of integrity for Sheriff.  Because of that, I have the following questions for Mr. Roberts: What is Ed’s Satellite and what is/was your relationship to it? Why did you resign as a Sergeant in the Missouri Highway Patrol to become a police officer for the City of St. Robert? I know that then Chief Tom Julian supported you for Sheriff in 1992.  Why is he not supporting you this year?  In 2002, when Tony Crismon was running for Presiding Commissioner, did you take him around in the official Sheriff’s vehicle? I know that you got Tony Crismon and Dennis Thornsberry to agree to give you certain property that was at your house (Bill Farnham was absent that day).  Isn’t it true that you claimed a bill for storage on that property?  Isn’t it true that the property was received from the State of Missouri and you stored it on your property when you were Sheriff?  Isn’t that why the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department doesn’t have a boat now? I shall look forward to your answers to these questions.” I spoke to Tom Julian not long before his death and he confirmed his position.   Since that was published, I have repeatedly been asked if I have received any answers to any of my questions and the response has been, and still is, “Not yet.”   Sincerely: Wayne Gifford