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  • Wednesday morning, Lennox, an American bulldog/Labrador mixed breed dog was killed by the Belfast City Council (BCC). 

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  • Wednesday morning, Lennox, an American bulldog/Labrador mixed breed dog was killed by the Belfast City Council (BCC). The 7-year-old dog was taken from his home in 2010, claiming he was a breed banned under the UK’s Dangerous Dog act. He had done nothing to warrant this and there had been no complaints registered against this loving family dog…his measurements were just not what they liked when they measured his muzzle and rear legs with a dress maker’s tape.
    It is sick enough and wrong on so many levels to ban a breed, but breed ban aside – they weren’t even correct and had no basis to continue to keep this animal. But keep him they did. They refused his family visits, refused help from world renowned dog trainers, refused to listen to any voice of reason concerning what was fair to this dog and the family that loved him. It must have been a living hell for him to be kept almost two years by the people who hated him. I have read enough of his plight to know that he must have suffered at their hands. Personally, I believe he has been dead for some time.
    I tried not to become obsessed with this case. It was my hope that those involved in making the decisions concerning Lennox would surely act with reason and responsibility. I was wrong. The BCC and the Belfast Judicial System have proven to be an uneducated pack of prejudice cowards…hiding behind their screen of injustice, unwilling to negotiate with the world that so desperately fought for Lennox. Now he is dead…the world has united in anger…at least my world. Let this be a lesson to us all of how a corrupt government operates. Lennox is gone and Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) played a role in his capture and destruction. I hope Belfast feels the negative impact of their decision on levels they never deemed imaginable. And Lennox, we will speak out against BSL for you and the thousands of others that have been victims of this idiocy.
    I have a friend Sue who has a rescue in Florida. Her statement concerning Lennox hit home: “I cry daily for this one”, she stated. “For some reason, this one has gotten under my skin. I think it is because it represents a larger ill at work here... and EVERYTHING we fight for day in and day out is represented by this case somehow.”
    Closer to home, in fact in our Judicial Circuit, Collin Beesler received a suspended imposition of sentence and five years probation. His crime? He and Dalton Harrison decided to entertain themselves by setting a live cat on fire. A probable cause statement regarding the case shows Beesler told investigators he held Tinkerbell while Harrison sprayed lighter fluid on her and then set her on the ground before Harrison lit the fire.
    Tinkerbell, the cat, died after she was unable to fight off massive infection resulting from her burn injuries and subsequent extensive skin loss. You can Google “Justice for Tinkerbell” and read more about her story or even better, you can watch the You-Tube videos of this beautiful girl fighting for her life. You can decide if it’s OK these guys get nothing more than a slap on the wrist.
    Beesler’s case was heard in Texas County. Harrison’s case will be heard on August 3rd in Howell County on a change of venue. The Animal Shelter of Texas County was responsible for Tinkerbell’s care during the time she suffered. At least she felt loved and cared for the last few days of her life.
    These guys walk among us. If they do that to a defenseless cat, they will do it to your elderly parent, your children and your animals too. There has been no justice for Tinkerbell.
    Until they all have homes…
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