At Monday's Pulaski County Commission meeting, representatives from Goldberg, Sullivan and McCrey presented a drawing for the commission outlining a preliminary proposal for the new jail.

"What we are doing is finding out exacly how much it is going to cost us to make this work," said Pulaski County Presiding Commissioner Gene Newkirk.

The commission was given a drawing that showed how they could turn the building into a 128 bed facility that would take 15 employees to staff 24/7. The cost would be around $14 million.

"This first proposal was at about 14 million dollars, which is twice the amount that I want to spend on it." said Newkirk

The county and the city of Waynesville bought the old Waynesville Middle School for $20,000 on February 23, 2012 with the hopes of moving some of their offices that are currently out of county back to the county. The biggest reason for the purchase was to be able to remodel the building to house a new jail. Right now there are not enough beds to house the current population and females have to sent to another county.

Over the last 10 years, Pulaski County has spent $3,500,000 to house their inmates outside of Pulaski County in Miller, Phelps and Camden counties. That is a cost of $35 per inmate per day.

"In my mind what we are looking at is a 90 bed facility with the ability to expand to 120," said Newkirk. "They will be pods, where some rooms can house 14 low level inmates, and then there will be some pods that only hold four."

The county does not have the staff to man this type of jail at the moment but Newkirk said that when the jail is built they will have the staff to maintain it.

"We would have to hire more employees because you will need four people for every position that would be needed," said Newkirk.

This was the first of three proposals from three different companies that will be coming to the commissioners over the next few months. The commission will hope to have a decision within the next few months after they have seen all the proposals and if it would be cost effective for the county to proceed with a new jail.