The Waynesville High School football team played host to the Nixa Eagles and the Marshfield Blue Jays on Friday as they held a jamboree for the fans and the teams.

The rules of the jamboree are simple, each team takes nine plays on offense and then they switch, after that they switch again for another nine plays of offense.

Waynesville would open against Nixa, who was 10-2 last season, and would look good during the first five plays but then Nixa sophomore running back Alec Murphy would sweep to the right and be gone for a 54-yard touchdown run.

That would not be the only score that Nixa would get as Nixa senior quarterback Austin Schweiss would hook up with senior wide receiver Christian Witt for a 20-yard score on Nixa's second set of plays.

Waynesville head coach Rick Vernon was not worried about how well Nixa played against the Tigers and praised this as a chance for his young team to learn from their mistakes.

"The jamboree is just like what it says, it's a learning experience," said Vernon "We had a lot of inexperienced ball players going against a very talented, experienced Nixa football team that is very, very good. We did a few things right against them, I think we learned a lot from Nixa because of the type of football team that they are."

The defense struggled a bit with the run against Nixa and a former player that watched the game thinks that Waynesville will do ok under the new defensive scheme that the Tigers are running this season.

"This was a pretty good test, so of course there are going to be flaws and things to work on," said former Waynesville quarterback James Holler. " Like they say you can always get better. I think this showed a pretty good first outing. Defense as always been our weak point the last couple of years. They have switched up the defense and it looks like it will fit this team pretty well."

Like always Waynesville showed up with plenty of speed and showed off that speed by stopping several long passes and being able to get to the corner on a lot of their running plays.

"I am excited about the speed that is out there for Waynesville." said Waynesville fan Kevin Vareen. "You can really tell from the games that they have some outstanding speed and I think that is what will be effective for them."

Waynesville was able to settle down against Marshfield in their second game of the night but still had not reached the end zone when Marshfield scored their first touchdown on a

long pass from Marshfield junior quarterback Blayne Armstrong to junior wide receiver Willie Totten.

Armstrong and Totten would hook again for Marshfield's second score of the night and with only nine plays offense left Waynesville still had not put any points on the board but that was about to change.

Waynesville senior running back Warren Womack took the hand off and then busted down the left sideline for a 56-yard run but would tripped up by the Marshfield defender just two yards shy of the end zone. Warren would get the ball again to get the score.

That score seem to ignite the Waynesville crowd and team as Waynesville would continue to run over Marshfield during their final nine plays and score another touchdown on the final play of the night as senior running back Tyrone Bogan would shake several tacklers off of him on his way to the end zone.

"What you are doing is trying to get consistency and anytime you score, anytime you get big runs, that's going to get you playing hard and get you up," said Vernon. "Like we told our kids, you have to have that same consistency and the same willingness every play, and then those good plays and big plays will come."

Waynesville will open their season on Friday night against the West Plains Zizzers, before going on the road to Lebanon.