Cynthia Harris of the New Beginnings Revival Center in Waynesville has recently published a Christian romance book.

An author from the local area has published her first book, a Christian romance drama titled 'The Other Side of Through.'

Cynthia Harris has long been a writer, creating skits and plays throughout her years in school and for her Waynesville church, New Beginnings Revival Center. She said it was actually a play that led her to her first book.

"I've been writing plays for my church since I've been here, since 2001," she explained. At the urging of her friend, she wrote a play for a women's conference a few years ago. The skit was so well-received; Harris's friends and family urged her to develop the characters.

Harris said she had considered writing a book, but was planning on writing a nonfiction book about scripture. She said as she began writing, she felt God urging her to write a fictional book based around a love story.

"I struggled with it for like six months and I almost didn't write it," Harris said with a laugh, adding that she never set out to write a fiction book or a romance story. But, as time passed, she said she accepted the challenge and realized the path she was supposed to travel had been in front of her all along.

"It is a Christian romance drama. It is the first book in a series of six and it's about the tragedy of our lives and how God is there," Harris explained. She said the first book, and the remainder of the series, focuses on two main female characters.

"They both are experiencing similar tragedies in their life, relating to the death of a close loved one," Harris added. "They both come at it different ways."

She said the book focuses on a wide variety of emotions and life challenges, to include love, faith, loss, family secrets and hope.

"Everything in the book is based on a Bible principle," Harris said. "The book really is about God's love for us and no matter what we go through, he's going to be there for us."

In addition to the positive emotions and a message of love and hope, Harris said she wanted to tackle the darker side of life and write about sadness, despair, guilt and death.

"Even though I'm writing a fiction book I wanted to minister to people on a nonfiction level," she explained. "In these books, because they're fiction, I'm allowed to ask the tough questions."

She said she feels it is her mission to create characters that readers are interested in, and allow readers to see their lives through the words on each page.

"There's nothing that happens to you that with God you cannot get through," Harris said. "And that is what this book is talking about."

The first book in the series was published in 2011, and Harris said the following three books in the series are in the process of being written, edited and published.

She said the whole experience of writing and publishing a book has been a gift, and thanked her family, friends and community for the support they've offered. In addition to writing, Harris is active in her church, owns a local salon, works as a seamstress and enjoys spending time with her family.

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