Not to long ago Waynesville High School head volleyball coach Holly Davidson was playing volleyball at Republic High School now she is coaching it and can't wait for the season to start.

“I just can't wait to get out there and see how we start to gel,” said Davidson. “It was just a few years ago that I was in their shoes but I think young coaches are good as long as you keep your role appropriate”

Davidson grew up in Republic and started playing volleyball at a young age, but it was basketball that she kept getting pushed to play until one day she found a club team and fell in love with the sport.

“When I was younger I was tall and all my friends were playing basketball, because we are such a basketball school”, said Davidson. “Then they started this little travel team but one of the parents didn't like me so I was not asked to play. That led me to playing club ball and I was far ahead of pretty much everybody until I got into high school.”

After graduating high school, Davidson went onto play volleyball at Missouri Southern University, while there she also played on the United States Division 2 National Team and played games in China and Italy. She has also helped to instruct volleyball camps for Missouri Southern and also for College of the Ozarks, where she met her fiancee, and former Waynesville pitcher Dustin Loggins.

She started her coaching career when she was a teaching assistant in Republic, but joined to late for the varsity team and instead was given the 7th grade team. She has also coached the Ozark Juniors team

“I would have never coached varsity volleyball in Republic, because I am from there and they all still look at me as a young kid,” said Davidson.

Davidson has made the transition from Republic to Waynesville quite well and is enjoying her time here.

“I like the town, Republic isn't a huge town but we have Springfield right by it so you have everything you want but I guess that is a good thing since I like to shop,” said Davidson.

Coaching has been a challenge to Davidson, since she can no longer get out on the court and compete in the games, now she has to tell the girls how to do it and that is easier said than done.

“it's easy to go out and do something but to tell somebody how to do it is a much different story,” said Davidson. “I can go out and hit a ball down the line 50 times but telling a player how to hit it down the line takes more skill then actually doing it.”

Davidson is impressed by how much her team has improved since she took over and feels that they might surprise a few teams along the way this season.

“I think we have drastically improved since I first got here,” said Davidson. “I think if we pull it all together we are going to surprise some people and they are probably going to surprise themselves, which is a pretty awesome feeling.”

Besides coaching varsity volleyball, Davidson is also going to coach freshman girls' basketball and she will be a 6th grade science and social studies teacher.