This year's Chalk and Walk Festival at Kansas City's Crown Center will be held on Sept. 8-9.

KANSAS CITY — This year's Chalk and Walk Festival at Kansas City's Crown Center will be held on Sept. 8-9.
Artists start with empty squares of asphalt and by the end of the weekend, the squares will be transformed into magnificent pieces of artwork. Interestingly, street painting began in Italy centuries ago. Artists used pastel chalks as their medium and pavement/brick as their canvas.
The Chalk and Walk Festival at Crown Center invites both the young and the old to “experience the creation” of street paintings, to “interact with the artists,” and to enjoy all the aspects of the festival.
Festivities will take place from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday.
This year's Chalk and Walk will showcase hundreds of professional, student and amateur artists who will create lively and powerful chalk paintings on sponsored brick canvas on the streets near Crown Center.
Lotti Halpern, with the event, said, “The 2012 beneficiary is ReStart and its Youth and Family programs. Our visitors, including artists and volunteers, range from age 6 months to 80 years of age, and come from various economic and ethnic backgrounds. The festival is free and sponsorship enables us not only to enrich the city with great art, but to give at risk youth and their families a quality and fun art program, thereafter.”
Professional and amateur artists will be displaying their talents by drawing directly in front of a visiting audience rather than in the solitude of their studios.
Visual artists receive free pastel chalk and water and they are able to display their business cards to promote themselves. Sections of the Kansas City Chalk and Walk event site will be apportioned to children, who will treat an area as their street canvas. This area is called the Children's Creative Corridor. Each child will be provided a bucket of chalk at no charge. In addition, educational workshops will be held by other not-for-profit's educational programs, including face painting and other activities.
Visitors to the event will be able to casually stroll through the event and watch the artists as they create their classical and modern paintings. In addition to watching the visual artists, attendees will be able to listen and view local street performers.
The creative process the artist goes through how the image is constructed and progresses, is usually done in the privacy of their studio. This street painting festival lets the attendees see the work come to life outside of studio/gallery walls.
Kansas City Chalk and Walk Arts Educational Programs is a nonprofit organization that provides arts programs to children at shelters, schools and community centers.