We have been deceived. I don't like someone telling me it is raining while they urinate on my leg, but that has happened to us in the educational system of our country. Macro-evolution has been added to Micro-evolution and a perfect mixture of real food and arsenic has been given to us to digest, but it is a deadly combination. Macro-evolution is the theory that one specie can evolve into another specie. There is no evidence for this theory, but it is taught as a fact in science textbooks. Micro-evolution is the science of variations within a specie, which is an observable fact. However, the two evolutions have been merged. Fact and fiction are put together as truth and taught to our children.
The definition of evolve means to develop by gradual changes. Most people think that evolve means to change from ape to man, as presented in the theory of Darwinian evolution, which is taught in our public school system as fact. Darwin had a theory, which is a group of opinions based upon unproven assumptions. He did not have a degree in biology or any other science. He did not have a doctorate in anything. Charles Darwin was a failed minister with a degree in Theology. He was also a racist. He came up with the idea that mankind evolved from an ape ancestor. This theory is unproven and unprovable. Apes are an entirely different specie than mankind. They cannot be cross bred. Humans do not evolve from apes today. Apes give birth to apes. Humans give birth to humans. There are no missing links. There are no intermediate fossil records. The three races of mankind are all equally intelligent and human. They are one specie, and can interbreed. Darwin believed that the Caucasian race was more evolved than other races. He believed that other races were part ape, and less evolved. This stupid theory was a good excuse for slave traders, and slave owners, who could claim that their slaves were part ape and not evolved into a human being. It was a good excuse for Adolf Hitler to murder 6 million Jews, after he had them declared non human, mostly ape, and thus without any rights. Why is this ridiculous theory still taught in our school system, even though the racist part has been removed from Darwin's teachings?
The theory of evolution taught in our public school textbooks presents evolution as a fact, not a theory. The following is a brief summary of the fairly tale. It rained on the rocks for billions of years. Then the rain on the rocks sparked one celled life. Those little cells of life evolved into plant and animal cells. The animal cells evolved into fish, that evolved into amphibians, that evolved into reptiles, that evolved into birds and mammals. The ape mammals evolved into humans. How do these brilliant scientists know? They don't. They just have opinions and theories, based on unproven assumptions. Then they mix their assumptions of macro-evolution with the scientific facts of micro-evolution, and tell us it is raining, while they urinate on our legs.
In micro-evolution the same specie can be cross bred. You can take two different types of dogs, crossbreed them and get another type of dog. You can take two different types of cats, breed them and get an unusual type of cat. You can do the same with horses, birds, apes, rabbits, and other animals of the same specie. However, dogs can't cross breed with cats, or horses, or birds, because they are of a different specie. Humans cannot cross breed with apes, because they are of a different specie. Knowing that, it is ridiculous to think that one specie could evolve from another specie. No matter how long and loud the story is told, or how fascinating a fairy tale it is, there is simply no evidence that it is true. There is no proof, and the unproven assumptions should not be in textbooks.
Scientists can mess with the genetics of fruit flies and mice all they want. They can cause all sorts of mutations. Fruit flies and mice can be forced to have many legs, no legs, many eyes, no eyes and other weird characteristics. However, strange as they may look, the fruit flies are still fruit flies, and the mice are still mice. They have not become a different specie. They have not evolved into another specie. They have just been forced to mutate. That is not an example of the theory of Darwinian evolution where an ape evolves into a human.
Scientists can work with fruits and vegetables to form hybrids.. Grains can be crossbred to form a different type of grain, but it is still grain. Melons can be crossbred to form a different type of melon, but it is still a melon. However melons and grain cannot be crossbred, because they are of a different specie. That is not an example of the theory of Darwinian evolution where an ape evolves into a human.
There are many wonderful scientific facts in public school textbooks. The wonders of plant and animal life are explained. The mysteries of atoms, molecules, genetics, and DNA are explained. The intricate workings of the eye, the ear, the vascular system, and the nervous system are presented. There are plenty of great, true scientific facts to fill a textbook. It is not necessary to cloud the truth with theories about apes evolving into humans. Those theories are the religion of the atheist. Atheists do not want to recognize that there is a Creator, an Intelligent Designer, who made all the mysteries of life, and formed everything that exists. They want to believe that everything just accidentally happened over billions of years all by itself. That is exactly what the textbooks infer. This breaks the Second Law of Thermodynamics in Physics, which is that everything tends toward disorder. For example, if a stack of lumber fell over and was scattered across the lumber yard, would it eventually form itself into a house over many years? No, of course not. There would have to be a builder to put the lumber together in a masterful way to form a house. A master builder created all things and formed all things in nature. It couldn't have accidentally happened.
In 2005 the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a Wisconsin prison inmate's First Amendment rights were being violated, because prison officials would not allow him to start a study group for atheists. The Supreme Court stated that a religion did not need to be based on a belief in the existence of a supreme being. In the 1961 case of Torcaso verses Watkins, the court decided that secular humanism was a religion.
Religion should not be taught in public school. Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Jewish, Moslem, Buddhist and other religions should be taught in their places of worship, their private schools, their home schools, and their homes. Religious beliefs should not be published in public school textbooks to indoctrinate students. So why do public school textbooks have the theory of Darwinian evolution included with the facts, since that is the belief of atheists? Why should our children be indoctrinated by atheists? We parents and teachers need to wake up, and realize that our children are being educated to believe unproven assumptions, theories that are taught as facts. No matter how loudly Macro-evolutions yell and try to mix up their theories with the facts of Micro-evolution, it is wrong.