The Waynesville High School girls' tennis team achieved their first victory of the season beating Richland Monday night, 8-1, that was after falling to Jefferson City Helias on Friday night 9-0.

“All the girls played well and showed up ready to play,” said head coach Paula Davis. “This was very evident with the performance of two of our Freshmen Sophia Cressler and Clarissa Vance. Sophia beat Jr. Rebecca Crossland 8-3 and Clarissa beat Jr. Haley Armstrong 8-0.”

Besides the wins by Cressler and Vance, Magi House beat Jenna Shelton 8-2, Emily Salcedo beat Megan Hodges 8-1 and Randi Secules beat Chandra Ancell 8-5. In doubles action, House and King beat Jamie Sasseen and Hodges 8-4, Salecedo and Cressler beat Shelton and Crossland 8-3 and Secules and Vance won their doubles match 8-2 over Posten and Ancell.

Here are the results from Monday night's match against Richland:

Magi House beat Jenna Shelton 8-2
Emily Salcedo beat Megan Hodges 8-1
Makenzie King lost to Jaime Sasseen 4-8
Sophia Cressler beat Rebecca Crossland 8-3
Randi Secules beat Chandra Ancell 8-5
Clarissa Vance beat Haley Armstron 8-0

House/King beat Sasseen/Hodges 8-4
Salcedo/Cressler beat Shelton/Crossland 8-3
Secules/Vance beat Posten/Ancell 8-2

On Friday night Waynesville played well but it was not good enough against a very good Helias team as the Tigers would fall 9-0.

“They (Helias) are very sound fundamental team,” said Davis. “With that being said our girls still didn't just hand it to them they made them earn it.

Salcedo played very tough against Abbey Verslues losing 10-8 and the doubles teams of Salcedo and Cressler lost to Verslues and Casey Clogston 10-5 and Secules and Vance lost 10-6.

Here are the results from the Helias match:

Magi House lost to Ashley Dowden 1-10
Emily Salcedo lost to Abbey Verslues 8-10
Makenzie King lost to Casey Clogston 0-10
Sophia Cressler lost to Becca Shelton 0-10
Randi Secules lost to Abigail Bullock 5-10
Clarissa Vance lost to Lauren Highfill 4-10

House/King lost to Dowden/Shelton 3-10
Salcedo/Cressler lost to Verslues/Clogston 5-10
Secules/Vance lost to Bruemmer/Villanueva 6-10