The Waynesville High School tennis team lost to Jefferson City 8-0 on Thursday afternoon.

“We lost to a really strong Jefferson City team 0-8,” said Waynesville head coach Paula Davis. “In tennis the score doesn't always show how close a match might really be.”

Senior Randi Secules lost a very close match to Crystal Pfenengers 4-8 and junior Emily Salcedo lost to Paige Smith 3-8 in a match that lasted almost an hour according to Davis.

Here are the results from Thursday night's match:

Magi House lost to Eden Hoogveld 0-8
Maria Hartley lost to Claire Murphy 0-8
Emily Salcedo lost to Paige Smith 3-8
Makenzie King lost to Kirsten Schmidt 1-8
Sophia Cressler lost to Claire Shipley 1-8
Randi Secules lost to Crystal Pfenengers 4-8

House/King lost to Murphy/Kelly Raithel 0-8
Salcedo/Cressler lost to Schmidt/Delta Verslues 3-8
Secules/Hartley lost to Shipley/Pfenenger 5-8