Human beings are so far above any creature in the animal kingdom, that there are no comparisons. Human beings build complex structures for their living comfort, for their office space, and for their machines. They create complicated machines to produce automobiles, jet planes, rockets, computers, microscopes, telescopes, cell phones, television, satelites, and other technology. They have an extensive language system of many variations, and an even more complex mathematical system. People have the ability to imagine a machine in their mind, put technology with it, and build it. Mankind has the ability to put thoughts and feelings into a fantastically beautiful musical form, and express it through playing a variety of instruments invented by other humans. People are able to evoke emotional reactions from other human beings through the use of melody and words in a musical composition that they sing or play. Both the written word and music can evoke memories, feelings of love, compassion, happiness, sadness and other expressions of the spirit, as well as inspire thought and introduce new ideas to man's magnificent mind. Human beings are able to record information, retain it in their mind, add to it, draw conclusions, and pass on complicated information to others. People are not only a physical body, but they are a spiritual being. They are capable of having deep spiritual relationships with their spouses, their children, their relatives and friends. They are also able to have a spiritual relationship with their God, who is their Designer, their Maker, their Creator. Human beings rule the Earth, and are the masters of all other creatures. There is no other creature that is as magnificently made as man.

A person can go to the zoo and observe the apes. Apes have the same Designer as mankind, but they are definitely not the same kind of creature. It is so obvious that apes are a totally different specie by the way they look, and conduct themselves, that it is inconceivable that some people actually believe humans came from an ape ancestor. However, there are people who do believe that theory, teach it, and publish it in textbooks as true fact. Do Darwinian evolutionists have concrete proof that man evolved from an ape ancestor? NO! However, they have lots of theories, unproven assumptions, opinions and conclusions from their interpretations of what they observe. They also have produced many artist's drawings that show ape people or missing links from their imaginations, and publish them in textbooks to convince students that ape people once lived. The evolutionists have made complex charts of how an ape evolved into a human, but they are all compliments of their imaginative assumptions. Do they have concrete, factual, scientific proof that their artist's drawings or charts are correct? NO! So, why do we allow our children to be indoctrinated with theory and opinion in public school instead of scientific fact?

Darwinian evolutionists came up with a great idea to make their theory that man evolved from ape more believable. They decided to throw in millions and billions of years, since it is not observable that one specie evolved into another specie today. They want us to believe that it could have happened over a long period of time, before man walked the face of the earth. The theory that one specie morphed into another specie has not ever been observed. So, the great idea that it must have all happened millions and billions of years ago came into existence. After all, who knows what could have happened that long ago, but the evolutionary thinkers used their imaginations and came up with a group of entertaining assumptions. Today, it has never been observed that a fish morphed into an amphibian, or that a reptile morphed into a bird or mammal, or that an ape morphed into a human. Those animals never gave birth to a different specie, and they are not even able to breed from one specie to another. There is no proof that an ape gave birth to a human or to a missing link, and there are no transitional fossils. Also, how do the Darwinian evolutionists know that all this morphing into a different specie happened millions and billions of years ago? They don't. They made up a theory about the age of the earth. Carbon 14 dating is not used, because when dinosaur bones containing carbon are found, the results show that they are just a few thousand years old, and that does not support the assumption that they are millions of years old. So dating with the Geologic Time Column is used. The Geologic Time Column is based on unproven assumptions, and used to date fossils. It is supposed to support the theory of the eras of millions and billions of years on earth. The 25 sites in the world that are referred to as Geologic Time Columns all have many flaws. There are misplaced fossils found in the wrong eras, petrified trees go through the different layers of strata. There is a great deal of evidence that the layers are actually the result of sediment settling after a catastrophic flood. Masses of debris, dead plants, and dead animals began to settle as flood waters receded. The heaviest debris such as the large dinosaurs would be at the bottom. Layers of sediment dried, and hardened into rock with the fossilized plant and animal debris in the layers after a flood. Such evidence is avoided, and pushed aside, because it does not support Darwinian evolution. Is that true science? Of course not, but it sure makes a good story. Evolutionists use the rock layers of the Geologic Time Column to date the fossils, and the fossils to date the layers of the earth. That is circular reasoning, which is not valid science.

Over zealous Darwinian evolutionists have been so anxious to prove that mankind evolved from an ape that they made up some missing links. One of the most famous was the Piltdown man discovered in 1912 in the Piltdown quarry in Sussex, England by Charles Dawson. British paleontologists were enthusiastic, but American paleontologists were skeptical. The popularity of supposed missing links lasted until about 1950. By 1982 the hoax was completely exposed revealing that the two Piltdown skulls were human and the jawbones were orangutan. All the bones had been treated with a solution to make them appear old, and the teeth had been filed. The Piltdown man joined the other missing link hoaxes: the Java Ape man, the Heidelberg man, and the Nebraska man. The Peking man disappeared, and the Neanderthal man and the Cro Magnon man proved to be perfectly human. There are no missing links to date. There are no transitional fossils of apes becoming human. So, why is Darwinian evolution taught as fact in public school?

Without missing links, what are the Darwinian evolutionists to do? They teach their theory as fact, and get rid of that terrible word, theory. Printed in textbooks and taught in biology class are the wonderful words hominid, and the Australopithecus. Hominid is the name used for all primates, and man is included in that family. The Australopithecus skulls and bones are from dead apes, but the Darwinian evolutionists claim that they were about to evolve into humans. They are almost the missing links! Wow! One of the most famous almost missing links is Lucy discovered by Donald Johanson in northern Africa and displayed in 1978. The 40% partial skeleton was missing many bones including feet, parts of legs, a hip and both hands. Yet, the artist's drawing showed Lucy with human feet. It was theorized that she might have been moving toward being almost human, and would possibly have walked upright. How do they know? They don't. They just made observations and assumptions. The only fact is that Lucy was an ape, and not a human. However, in textbooks she is presented as an ancestor to humans. It appears obvious that there are numerous textbook writers, and educators that are completely in love with Darwin's theory of evolution, and work at forcing it upon our educational system as factual.

Darwinian evolutionists are like children compared to the Creator, the Intelligent Designer, the Maker of all things, God. They understand very little about the creation, but like to make assumptions, and create stories to support their theories. The atheists do not recognize that there is a Creator; they believe that everything just accidentally happened over billions of years. Most human beings are smart enough to look at the creation and recognize that there has to be an Intelligent Designer. Most people see the magnificent handiwork of God in their children, the sun, the moon, the stars, the trees, the grass, the flowers, the wind, the rain, and all that is. Atheists want people to believe in Darwinian evolution, that mankind evolved from an ape. However, the spirit of man screams that human beings are a special creation of God, above the animals, and the masters of this world. There is no missing link. Mankind reflects the Creator God, and not an ape.