The 20-year-old Cornell University sophomore spent Tuesday afternoon with the Crocker High School FFA Chapter.

The Crocker High School FFA chapter spent part of Tuesday playing rock, paper,scissors, but don't worry—they were doing so for a good reason.
The game-playing was part of a presentation by 20-year-old Ken Quick, Jr., of Granville, N.Y., the National FFA vice president and a sophomore at Cornell University majoring in International Agriculture.
The purpose of the game, Quick told the students, was to show how choices determine outcomes. "We can make choices to improve our work ethic," Quick said. "When you work on a project, whether you're a procrastinator or a beast of nature, your choices determine the outcome."
"Of course, our choices mean thothing unless we actually carry them out," Quick said.
In another exercise, Quick had the students post comments about farmers, politicians and drug dealers. After having a student read the comments on all three, Quick pointed that the politicians and drug dealers might have a different view of themselves.
"That leaves us with two sets of opinions," Quick said. "That's because while opinions don't have all the truth, they have some of the truth. We can get our opinions closer to the truth by increasing our judgement and experience.. Understanding plus choosing equals improvement."
Quick, who was a State Farmer in New York and also the state FFA president, has spent the last year touring the country with a series of presentations. After visiting Crocker, he went on to Plato, and then to Wisconsin, the last state he will visit this year. In all, he will visit 39 states and make 120 presentations.