Brenda Sheetz has been been a filling the empty bellies of Waynesville High School students for more than 35 years and she is being honored for her work this week.

During the Homecoming Parade, Sheetz will be honored as one of the parade's two Grand Marshals, along with long with Doris Clevenger for her service to the district.

The theme of the parade is traditions and that's what Sheetz is to Waynesville High School. She is a consistent smile. She makes the kids feel like they're at home. And she feels more than blessed to be around them every day.

" I can't imagine the number of kids that she has fed over the course of her many years of employment," said Gary Young, the director of activities at Waynesville High School.

Sheetz has served as the cook at the high school for many years and is now the kitchen manager and finds the work to be extremely rewarding.

"It's a very rewarding job," said Sheetz. "It's so rewarding knowing that I can give these kids good food and that no one is hungry. "

Sheetz has won plenty of awards throughout her 35 years at the school, but is most proud of winning the Ozarks Best Lunch award a few years ago.

And this Friday, Sheetz will receive more recognition for her years of service to the school and is humbled by the honor.

When she was asked to be one of the parade's marshals, she humbly asked, "Me?Are you sure?"

"I feel honored", said Sheetz. "I have worked for the school district for a long time and they have always been really good to me and showed they appreciated me and when they asked me to do this it was overwhelming for someone to think that much of you."

Sheetz said feels very happy to be apart of the parade, but said the simple "thank you" from students every day are what make her job most rewarding.

"I live for the smiles on the kids' faces," she said. "That's all I really need."

Sheetz said that she will continue to work for the high school as long as she is in good health.

The Homecoming parade will start at 2:30 p.m. and will travel from the Waynesville City Park, turn left in front of the Waynesville Post Office, turn right in front of Security Bank, turn right in front of the Pulaski County Courthouse, and then continue down Historic Route 66 to Slaughter Field, located near the middle school.

Doris Clevenger will be the other grand marshal honored in the parade and her story will be featured in Thursday's Daily Guide.