A wild, high scoring affair was the epitome of Tuesday night's match between Nixa and Waynesville.

A wild, high scoring affair was the epitome of Tuesday night's match between Nixa and Waynesville.

Less than three minutes into the contest Nixa was afforded a penalty kick opportunity after players from both teams ended up on the ground. Nixa capitalized and booted a goal passed Waynesville senior goalkeeper Lajos Zadravecz to take a 1-0 lead at the 37:18 mark.

Thirty seconds later Waynesville tied on senior midfielder Jon Moore's goal with 36:55 left in the irst half.

Nixa struck again, posessing the ball for more than a minute, netting its second goal to take a 2-1 lead.

Waynesville battled for position several times on defense before finally controlling the ball on an excellent defensive effort by junior forward Shane Jewett, who saved the ball from going out of bounds and rolled a pass to senior midfielder Steven Jimenez. The pass led Jimenez to a one-on-one scoring opportunity in which the offense rolled its second goal into the net to tie the game at two at the 25:08 mark.

Just seconds later, Nixa followed suit by slow-rolling a ball in for a goal of its own to regain the lead, 3-2 with 24:44 showing on the clock.

It took four minutes for Waynesville to fight back with a goal similar to its second, a Jiminez slow-roller to fool Nixa's goalkeeper and tie the game, once again with 20:20 to play. Jewett earned his second assist of the game on the score.

"[Jewett] saw me on the run and he playe the through ball and I had a breakaway from there and just finished with eay placement, right in the corner," Jimenez said of his second goal.

Quick to strike back, Nixa smoked the go-ahead goal at the 20:08 mark, pushing the score to 4-3.

A physical battle between both teams caused each coach to dispute calls. The players for both teams exuded their coaches' furor on defense, eventually leading to a Nixa yellow card near the 19:00 mark.

"This game was intense," Jiminez said. "Nixa is state-ranked and we really held our own out there with them."

Defense controlled the pace of the game for the rest of the half. Nixa threatened with 4:46 left in the half, but Zadravecz leaped into the air to swat a shot over the crossbar, keeping the game within reach.

Nixa led 4-3 at the half.

"It was ridiculous how the game was going back and forth in the first half," Waynesville coach Mike Armstrong said. "It looked like nobody could settle into a rhythm and everybody's defense was caught off guard."

The Waynesville offense failed to possess the ball for the majority of the first half as they recorded only three shots on goal to Nixa's seven.

To begin the second half, a Nixa player dropped a shot over the Waynesville defenders to push its lead to 5-3. at 31:23.

Zadravecz made another excellent save 12 minutes later by diving after a ball, causing it to sail wide to the left of the goal.

Then, when Waynesville regained possession, a Nixa defender protected the lead by making a sliding tackle in the goalie box to deflect a Waynesville shot opportunity.

Waynesville's Jewett was able to head in another goal on a long cross pass from the far side of the field from freshman forward Caleb Rodriguez. Within one goal, 5-4, Waynesville pressed with 8:57 left in the match.

Each defense stiffened again late in the second until Waynesville took a shot with 29 seconds left in regulation. The shot sailed wide of the goal and Nixa was able to hold on for the 5-4 victory.

Nixa outshot Waynesville 20-19, including 11 shots on goal compared to the opponent's nine.

"In the second half, [Nixa] tried to slow it down and play possession and we were kind of chasing [the ball] around," Armstrong said. "We caught back up at the end of the [second] half, but a little too late."

Proud of his team for their efforts againts a tough Nixa squad, Armstrong said he is looking forward to the team's next game.

"Our scoring is not a huge issue for us right now; I know we can find the net," Armstrong said. "We really need to get organized in the back and get our chemistry. If we can keep this energy level and get our communication down, I think we can be where we want to be for districts."

Waynesville holds a 3-2 conference record and will play Rolla Oct. 4 after Tuesday night's Ozark Conference match at Parkview.