For years Waynesville's public schools have worked together to make homecoming a special celebration for the entire city.

"[Homecoming] is a great community event," said Hilary Bales, the enthusiastic principal at East Elementary. "We're glad to be a part of it."

In 2011, each school's staff agreed to participate in a competition to produce the best parade float.

"We are excited to have a float again this year, " Bales said. "It's a fun opportunity to showcase our school and we enjoy seeing our students [at the parade] as we throw them candy and ride around in the float."

Bales' team of elementary teachers pieced together the city's best float a year ago, something in which the principal takes great pride in.

"The pressure is on," Bales said. "We have to raise the bar this year and make sure we do a good job with our float decorations."

Marj Barbosa, a substitute teacher at East Elementary said the competition is intense, but also allows fellow teachers to get together outside of school.

"We do the competition...and everybody gets involved and works together like a family," Barbosa said.

Bales praised the parade in similar fashion.

"It's nice for everybody to get out and be together in a positive way and celebrate how wonderful our schools are and support our athletics programs," Bales said. "It's a neat time and a great activity for everybody to participate in."