Did aliens from outer space or giant humans live on the earth before the catastrophic world wide flood?  There are lots of speculations and theories.  Did space aliens build the Great Pyramid in Egypt and make the mysterious Nazca Lines in South America?  Did mankind have an advanced society before the great flood? Was mankind ever a primitive ape man who lived in caves? Was the atmosphere different then from what it is now, making it possible for creatures to live longer and grow bigger? Did dinosaurs and humans live at the same time?  Did people live to be hundreds of years old? There are lots of theories and scientific clues to support some of these ideas.

 The atheistic evolutionists do not accept the idea of a world wide catastrophic flood four thousand years ago, humans living at the same time as dinosaurs, or humans having an advanced society in the pre-flood era.  They scoff, laugh at, make fun of, belittle, name call, and totally disrespect theYoung Earth Creation Scientists and the new Intelligent Design Scientists who entertain such ideas.  They also disregard any evidence that supports the opposing theories.  However, the atheistic evolutionists’ theories are only based on unproven assumptions, and there is no valid proof to support their opinions.  They do not have scientific evidence that the earth is billions of years old.  The Geologic Time Column that they use to show eras of millions of years has many flaws, and basically shows evidence of the settling of debris and sediment after a catastrophic flood.  Their theory that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago before the time of man cannot be proven. Human footprints beside dinosaur foot prints have been found in the Paluxy River bed in Glen Rose, Texas and various other places around the world.  Such findings are classified by evolutionists as anomalies, or unexplained facts that do not support their theories.  Without any evidence to support evolutionists’ rejection of the human foot prints with dinosaur prints, some evolutionists have explained that the human footprints must have been carved next to the dinosaur footprints by Indians, or that human like aliens from outer space must have walked next to dinosaurs in the mud that hardened into rock millions of years ago.  Atheistic evolutionists really need their millions and billions of years theories to authenticate their beliefs.  It is essential to the validity of the theory of Darwinian evolution, which is actually macro evolution, that the millions of year eras occurred for one specie to evolve into another specie.  Since that situation would be impossible to observe, it can be theorized as being true by using a great span of years, which cannot be observed.  However, there are no valid transitional fossils to support their theories.  There are no ape men or missing links to observe. 

 Darwinian evolutionists grasp onto micro-evolution to claim as part of their macro evolutionary theory.  Micro evolution is not a theory, and it is observable, because there are many variations of each specie or kind.  Dogs have the genetics to produce many different varieties of dogs.  All the animals have the genetic codes to produce a great variety of their specie and mutants.   However, dogs are still dogs, cats, are still cats, and birds are still birds.  It has never been observed that they morph into a different specie like macro evolution proclaims.  We do not see reptiles change their scales to feathers in order to become birds, and there are no transitional fossils.  There is no proof that one specie morphs into another specie, which is macro-evolution and the Darwinian evolutionary theory..

The Young Earth Creation Scientists and the new Intelligent Design Scientists  have done research about the age of the earth, humans living with dinosaurs, an oxygen saturated atmosphere that allowed people to live hundreds of years, and humans having an advanced society before the great flood.   They have theories based upon scientific evidence, logical assumptions, and numerous geological clues.  Some of these findings are:

1.      The evolutionist’s Geologic Time Columns are not accurate measurements of earth’s years.  The layers of strata appear to be the settling of sediment after a catastrophic flood, where the heaviest animals that drown are on the bottom, and the lighter on the top.  Many of the index fossils in the Columns are out of place, and some fossils from other eras of strata are mixed up in the same strata. There are also fossilized trees going up through several layers of strata, which is a sign of uprooted trees settling in sediment.  The rock strata is used to date the fossils, and the fossils are used to date the rock strata.  This is circular reasoning, which is totally supportive of itself, and not a valid scientific measurement.  If the strata level is used to date a dinosaur fossil, and a dinosaur fossil is used to date a strata, that doesn’t make sense. It is an inaccurate, self perpetuating means of measuring.  However, that is the tool  evolutionists use to tell us how old dinosaur bones are, or what the age of a layer of strata is.

2.      The Geologic Time Columns appear to have been formed like the layers of sediment in Spirit Lake after the Washington state Mt. St. Helen’s volcanic eruption in 1980.  The earthquake under the volcanic mountain dislodged the north slope causing a rock and ice slide. The pressure inside the volcano shot out boiling hot water, gas, and rock fragments.  In a matter of 6 minutes 150 square miles of forest was destroyed.  The debris from the rock slide overflowed the water of Spirit Lake, causing waves 850 feet high.  The water scoured the nearby slopes, and cut out a 20 foot cliff.  In 1982 the Army Corps of Engineers reported an elevation increase for Spirit Lake of about 262 feet.  There was also a 320 foot thick deposit of debris settling in the bottom of the lake.  Mudflows eroded a canyon system up to 140 feet deep in the headwaters of the North Fork from the Toutle River Valley.  The new little Grand Canyon was a perfect model of the real Grand Canyon.  It was carved out in about five days.  This led scientist to contemplate and theorize that such an event could have carved out the original Grand Canyon in a short time period of several days and not millions of years. 

3.      Another amazing discovery about the pre-flood era is about the oxygen content of air bubbles in amber, which is petrified tree sap. The trapped air bubbles show an oxygen level of 35 %, compared to today’s oxygen level of 21 %.  An increase in oxygen could make a big difference in the health of animals and humans.  Plasma saturated with oxygen could give a person a great deal of energy. (That is why there are Oxygen Bars is some malls. The customers can rest, breath in extra oxygen, and have energy to do more shopping.) Today oxygen therapies are used to treat diseases.  According to Dr. K.Paul Stoller, MD, (His essay did not present him to be a Creation Scientist or Intelligent Design Scientist.) hyperbaric oxygen therapy is very effective for cancer patients.  He explains, “Mitochondria are responsible for more than cellular respiration that converts oxygen and sugar into the energy that cells need to work.  They are also responsible for something called apoptosis, which is a fancy word to describe cellular death.  The mitochondria are in charge of the cell’s suicide program.  The very important reason for cancer patients is that this function in the mitochondria of cancer cells does not work so cancer cells just seem to live on and on and on.  But if hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) heals mitochondria, then healing the mitochondria in cancer cells can activate that cancer’s cell suicide program.”

4.      Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been used to reduce mortality rates and increase the healing process of cancer patients, aids patients, those with bone infections, Multiple Sclerosis, leprosy, and many other diseases and injuries.  However, pharmaceutical companies in the United States have stifled the advancement of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, because it could cut into their profits, according to reports by several scientist and doctors of medicine (who wish to remain anonymous to avoid repercussions).

5.       The Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber came into the spotlight in 1987 when little Jessica McClure, age 18 months fell into an 8 inch wide well casing 22 feet below ground.  She was trapped for 58 hours.  When “Baby Jessica” was finally rescued one of her legs was completely black and the doctors believed that it had to be amputated.  However, one doctor suggested putting her in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.  After just a few hours little Jessica’s leg was pink again.  Only the tip of her little toe had to be removed. 

6.      Some Young Earth Creation Scientists theorize that the earth had hyperbaric oxygen conditions before the flood.  There are many clues such as almost 50 % more oxygen found in petrified tree sap, which are air bubbles in amber; the vast coal beds that reveal there was much more vegetation on the earth than there is today; and human artifacts that have been found inside coal such as pots, tools, bells, jewelry etc.  If coal was formed millions of years ago, then why are human artifacts found inside?

7.       Did the dinosaurs become extinct because of the decline in oxygen?  That is a possibility. There is also evidence that human beings lived with dinosaurs.  The Turnage-Patton Trail in Glen Rose, Texas began to be excavated in September of 2000 by Dr. Don Patton and many other scientists.  It is one of the longest and most detailed dinosaur footprint trails in the world.  It is found on the platform of the Paluxy River bed.  The primary trail contains 136 consecutive dinosaur tracks.  Then it is crossed by a trail of 20 consecutive tracks going in the opposite direction.  A third trail is below the first two with 12 consecutive tracks.  The exciting part about this discovery is that 14 very large human foot prints are found with 134 dinosaur tracks.  There are 15 more quite large human prints on the upper platform with dinosaur tracks.  The greatest find  is a big human foot print not only with a dinosaur footprint, but with the dinosaur toe partially across it. Evolutionists can laugh, and scoff, and say things like Indians must have carved human footprints with the dinosaur tracks.  However, the dinosaur tracks with human tracks are still there, there is no proof that they are fakes, and evolutionists still have only theories, which are unproven assumptions.

Part III will cover more information about advanced human civilizations before the flood, giant humans, and the earth in hyperbaric conditions.