Partridge Elementary was pleased to host Plato Elementary’s principal and twelve teachers Sept. 24 for professional development.

    The five hours of professional development covered topics on Response to Intervention, Positive Behavior Intervention System and Professional Learning Communities.

    Plato Principal Donnie Miller said, “We appreciate Partridge Elementary welcoming us to observe and collaborate with their teachers. It was a great opportunity to share experiences in varied ways of teaching.”

    Teachers and administrators from both schools collaborated on best practices and programs unique to their schools. Both have approximately 400 students each.

    Teachers met in a whole group setting and also visited in grade level classrooms to view Response to Intervention sessions. During the last session of the professional development, teachers came back together to discuss and answer questions. Numerous educational programs impacting student progress and instructional changes were exchanged between the schools.

    George Lauritson, Principal of Partridge Elementary said, “I was excited to have Mr. Miller call and ask if our schools could get together to collaborate on learning. Now that our schools have spent time together, I am really happy we were able to have this opportunity to share. I feel both schools came away with a lot of great information and knowledge.”

    The Plato School District is located south of Fort Leonard Wood.