Judges on Fox's “X Factor” approve Vino Alan for a live performance

"X Factor" fans across the nation tuned in to Fox to watch the judges to reveal which of the remaining contestants will advance to the final 16.

Fortunately for Vino Alan of Waynesville, his powerful and soulful voice carried him into the next round.

In the previous episode of 'X Factor,' Alan was placed into a group of singers ages 25 and older, and was mentored by famous record executive and producer L.A. Reid, before performing an emotional version of Pink's "Sober."

Reid made comments about Alan's appearance in the season's tenth episode, but applauded his emotional vocal outburst.

"Your voice tone is so different," Reid said. "It's so gut-wrenching and very, very special."

After advancing, Alan said he received "the biggest 'yes' of my life."

"I'm more excited about this than anything I've ever, ever been excited about in my life," Alan said after being informed of his progression. Alan promptly called his mother, Janice, of Waynesville, afterward.

On the next episode in November, Alan will perform live on national television.