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A mother's love for her child is always infinite. When a mother shows up an hour-and-a-half early to her son's football game? That's dedication.

Donning her warmest Waynesville apparel, Leah Poole, mother of sophomore defensive back Bradley Poole braved the cold in Friday night's football loss to Rolla.

"I'm from the South so football is huge," Leah said. "With my kids in on the team, that's all it takes for me and I'm there every time."

Even as Waynesville lost Bradley to injury earlier in the season, the student-athlete's mother still showed up to each game to support the hometown Tigers.

Her excitement for the game on Sept. 21, the 31-28 overtime win over Rolla, bled over into Friday's match up.

Leah is a part of a military family, which has lived in Waynesville three times. The family's children have each been a part of the Waynesville school district, most recently Bradley, who has been here since kindergarten.

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