According to Wikipedia, human beings evolved between 400,000 and 250,000 years ago, and mankind as he is known today came upon the stage of life about 12,000 years ago. If that is true, then we should have a greater population than we have today.   So, where is everybody?  Did their descendents disappear?  Did space aliens take them away?  Did they die from plagues?  What happened?  Maybe there was a world wide flood about 4,400 years ago and they drowned.  Would the Creator God destroy His creation? Suppose the theory that mankind appeared upon the Earth 12,000 years ago is true.  Then where are all the people?  Dr. Henry Morris presented an interesting calculation in his book, Scientific Creationism, Masterbooks, Green Forest, AR, 1985, PP. 167-169.  “In 1810 a billion people lived on earth.  In less than 200 years, the population hit six billion.  This fits the Biblical chronology perfectly as the current population started about 4,400 years ago with Noah and his family after the flood.  An evolutionary time line would require not only a nearly non-existent growth rate but also three trillion deceased humans within the last million years.”  If human beings walked the earth 12,000 years ago, then where are the three trillion descendents that they would normally have produced?  There are only enough descendents to be produced by eight people beginning 4,400 years ago.  Why did the other descendents disappear?  Did they drown in the world wide catastrophic flood? If an artist is dissatisfied with his painting or sculpture, it is his lawful privilege to destroy it and start over.  If someone does not like the artist’s creation, it is unlawful for that person to destroy it.  God can destroy His creation, if He sees fit, because He created it.  Mankind cannot destroy life without God’s permission.  It is unlawful for one person to murder another person.  That is a sin, according to the Ten Commandments in the Bible, God’s holy word.  However, the Bible mentions several exceptions:  If a person kills a criminal while defending his home,  family, or friends, that act is not murder.  If a soldier is fighting for his country and kills an enemy, that is not murder.  If a law officer kills a threatening lawbreaker, that is not murder. If a person accidentally kills another person, that is not murder.  The Bible also tells what is to be done to murderers in  Leviticus 24:17:  “He that killeth any man shall surely be put to death.”  The Great Creator God has the power over the life and death of all that lives.  No person can dispute that fact or escape it.  The soul of a human being has a choice in his lifetime.  He may choose the Lord God and have eternal life, or he may reject God and have eternal death.  God’s Holy Word, the Bible, tells us these facts.  It also tells us that the little children who die are safe in the glorious eternal kingdom of God. This short life on the Earth is a testing ground, a proving ground, a place where our choice is made.  The temporal existence of man was shortened by God just before the Flood to less than 120 years, as recorded in Genesis 6:3. Eternity in God’s magnificent Kingdom is forever, and that is where the Creator wants mankind to live and enjoy with Him.  However, man must make the choice.  God will not kidnap any person to live with Him in His glorious eternal Kingdom.  God did not make mankind like a robot, where there is no choice. True love must be freely given, not forcibly taken, or programmed to be given.  The Bible tells us that God’s Kingdom is filled with the perfect love of God, and He wants His human children to live with Him there forever.  Why would God destroy all human beings in a catastrophic world wide flood, and save only eight people?  The Bible explains this very well in Genesis 6:5-7.  “Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.  And the Lord was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart.  So the Lord said, ‘I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth, both man and beast, creeping thing and birds of the air, for I am sorry that I have made them.’  But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.”  The fact that mankind was wicked, and his thoughts were continually evil speaks volumes to us.   We know what evil and wickedness are.  We see and hear reports of horrible acts every day on the new:  murders, rape, child molestation, kidnappings, torture, beatings, robberies , and many other cruel offenses. Genesis 7:11 records, “The earth also was corrupt before God and the earth was filled with violence.”  In our minds eyes we can visualize the unspeakable acts that violence, corruption, wickedness and evil brings.  Did human beings murder their babies and children?  Was it common for children, and women to be tortured, raped and murdered.  Was there mass genocide? Did men like Adolph Hitler proclaim a people like the Jews to be less evolved and mostly ape to be exterminated?  Did atheistic Communists like Stalin and Mao murder tens of millions of their own people.  Were there atheistic Communist countries like China that practiced forced abortion and murdered millions of unborn babies?  Did men commit unnatural sexual acts upon each other, children, and women?  Did men commit the unthinkable act of bestiality? Did men stomp upon the rights of women and take multiple wives against their will, including young girls?  Was there slavery?  Did men buy and sell other men, women, and children like cattle?  Did they excuse themselves with a theory like Darwinian evolution, and declare that their slaves were of a different, less evolved race that was still part ape?  Did men murder children and young adults and sell their body parts for transplantation to powerful people?  Did people practice witchcraft and Devil worship using human sacrifice and torture?  All these sins have been committed within the last 200 years, and they are the most abominable acts of evil, wickedness and corruption that we know.  Pre-Flood men were probably guilty of such acts and that is why God decided to destroy them. The pre-Flood people may have had a technically advanced society.  The Bible does not acclaim their accomplishments, it just states in Genesis 6:4b “Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown (or great accomplishments).”  Did they produce machines, vehicles, air craft, or space craft, and glory in their own brilliance (failing to thank God for their abilities)?  Were they advanced in medical science?  Did they use human embryos, fetuses, babies and children to produce body parts for transplantation in order to extend their life and retain their youth? Did they not value having children and a family?  Did they look upon children as a liability that would keep them from enjoying their pleasure seeking life style?  Did they try to cross species by injecting nuclei from one specie into another in order to produce fantastic mutants? Did they shake their fists at the Creator God, and claim to be the masters of the Universe, and a god in themselves?  Did they declare God to be dead or non-existent, which is the greatest sin of all called blasphemy?   They may have been technologically advanced enough to participate in all those acts of evil.  Whatever they did was wickedness, and God destroyed them. Evidently the life style of the pre-Flood humans was extremely corrupt.  Did they become so impressed with themselves, that they thought they were gods, and hated their Creator?  Did they become atheists and deny that there was a Creator God?  Did men shake their fists up to the Heavens and scream, “There is no God” ? They must have, because they mocked Noah for worshipping God, preaching about God’s judgment, and building a huge boat on dry land.  There was only one good, righteous, God believing group of people left on the Earth, and they were Noah’s family of eight people. The Bible tells in Genesis 7:23, “So God destroyed all living things which were on the face of the earth. Only Noah and those who were with him the ark remained alive.”  It was God’s right to destroy His creation which had become evil.   The pre-Flood men stood before God naked, because nothing belonged to them, not even their lives.. They were human beings who were standing on the ground that God made, breathing the air that God made, drinking the water that God made, seeing with the eyes that God made, hearing with the ears that God made, thinking with the mind that God made, living with the beating heart that God made, surviving with the blood that God made racing through their vascular system, and they screamed out for all to hear, “There is no God!!!!!”  The handiwork of God was all around them and in them, but they denied it, and claimed that everything just accidentally happened without the creating of God. They denied that they had a soul, and refused to commune with God through prayer.  Without a soul, their only future was rotting in the grave.  However, they did not believe that their life span would be limited to less than 120 years, because their ancestors had lived up to 900 years.  They were young and smart, which gave them lots of time to discover a way to renew their youth and extend their lives.  They would not be intimidated by God worship and following His rules of righteous living.  They tried to impress each other with their brilliance, and called those who worshiped God ignorant fools.  They considered themselves to be masters of the Earth, with all the answers to life that were necessary.  They did not want God to condemn their evil actions.  After all they were men of “great renown.”  They stood before God, naked without owning anything or controlling anything.  The crust of the earth broke open and fountains of water shot up toward the sky, and fell back on the Earth flooding it.  Rain burst down from the sky and added to the flood.  Men could not stop it.  There were great earthquakes, and tidal waves as the broken pieces of Earth moved and shifted.  The flood waters covered the highest mountains, and there was no escape from the deluge.  The men probably cursed God for destroying their life style, their possessions, their technology, and their lives.  As they were facing death, they may have realized that they were not gods, they were not in control of the Earth, and that the Great Creator God, whom they had cursed was real and was exercising judgment upon them.  They died naked, without possession, without power, without fame, and all of their accomplishments, knowledge, and inventions were destroyed with them.  The naked men of the pre-Flood world disappeared as the flood waters consumed all life upon the earth in a period of 40 days and nights. God was in control, and He destroyed His creation, except for one righteous family that loved Him.  They were His children, and He loved them, and blessed them with new life on the Earth.  That is why the human population of the Earth began 4,400 years ago.