As you vote on Tuesday, consider carefully for whom you vote.

As you vote on Tuesday, consider carefully for whom you vote. Don't depend upon distorted political ads. Based on those ads, all the candidates are unfit for office. Don't vote strictly on party. Do consider the platform with which they align. Don't vote on a single issue. Consider the candidate's position on multiple important issues. Don't rely strictly upon what the candidate says. Look at what the candidate has actually done. Do consider the people with whom the candidate associates. That reflects the candidate's core values. Don't vote on physical appearance, personality, eloquence, or charisma. The vote for political leaders should not be a beauty, personality, or salesmanship contest. You should look beyond that to what really matters. Vote based upon character, experience, leadership skills, position on issues, and agenda. The smoothest candidate can be a disaster for the city, county, state, or nation, when he or she lacks the qualifications for office, has flawed character, has the wrong values, and has set undesirable goals. Don't depend upon a single media outlet or like set of outlets for your information. Media outlets have biases. NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN are decidedly pro-Democratic. FOX is pro-Republican. Don't depend upon your friends to tell you how to vote. It's your vote, not theirs. They may be uninformed or misinformed. Educate yourself on issues, examine the candidate's words and actions, use critical thinking skills, and vote intelligently. Consider what is at stake, and vote accordingly. If you're uninformed, ignorant of the issues and candidate's position on issues, and have no clue who the candidate's are or what they stand for, do us all a favor and don't vote. The last thing we need is an ignorant vote. We need the vote of people who are informed, who understand the issues, who know how the candidates stand on issues, and who want what is best for the community, county, state, and nation.

Following are some critical issues I think you should consider. Do you want political leaders who see the Constitution as an impediment to their agenda or leaders who honor the Constitution as our founding document and supreme law of the land? Do you want political leaders who wish to control business and consume our wealth through redistribution, or leaders who wish to unleash business to create wealth that benefits us all? Do you want political leaders who promote morally reprehensible behaviors and actions at our expense or leaders who promote wholesome values that strengthen society? Do you want political leaders who weaken our standing internationally and leave us vulnerable to attack and defeat or leaders who advocate peace through strength and readiness? Do you want political leaders willing to surrender our national sovereignty to world organizations or leaders who are more inclined to maintain national sovereignty? Do you want political leaders committed to fundamentally transform America into a socialist state with dependency upon and control by government with loss of individual liberty and justice or leaders who are committed to preserving our Constitutional representative free republic with individual liberty, opportunity, and justice? Your vote will indicate your choice.