Welcome aboard one more time as I struggle to present life in the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office.

Welcome aboard one more time as I struggle to present life in the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office. It was a busy week with a lot of routine little things that needed to be completed. None of these little jobs were really earth shaking in nature but they still needed to be done. And none of them are worthy of column mention. As we move into this next week that will determine who the next sheriff will be for Pulaski County for the next four years I must confess that the whole situation feels odd to me. It feels funny not to be in the race. It also feels sad not to be in the race. But there is also excitement brewing because I am not in the race.

I have spoken with both of the candidates in private and have offered to assist both as a trainer prior to taking office and as a reserve deputy to help them after taking office. Both have agreed to have me assist them. Only time will tell who wins and how much they will ask for help. And just for the record I have also told both of them (and now YOU) that as of 1-1-2013 they are the big boss and they will be expected to do the job as they see fit and I am just the guy with the big mouth sitting in the chair on the other side of the room.

They will be held responsible for everything that happens with the office. As far as grand new programs or new ideas go I hope they can figure out ways to accomplish what I could not during my eight years in office. I also hope they are better at the political process then I was and manage to get an increased level of support for the office of sheriff. I hope they can follow what I have done and advance the office forward. But only time will tell and I will be the first to say that I will watch with a great deal of interest as they struggle to move forward.

I also plan to see if; my fishing equipment still works, my dog still loves me, my wife remembers what I look like, my son knows my name, and a host of other small details as I try to move from a world of total work back into the retirement world and being around my home. Over the past several months I have been given a lot of lectures by retired people on the joys of retirement life and what is coming my way soon and I cannot wait to see if they were all total liars. However, I suspect the smiles on their faces as they gave me those lectures told the real tale and this is going to be fun.

OK, let us get down to business for this column. As of 9:26am on 11-03-2012 the case number count stands at 11,895. We currently have 77 total inmates with 32 of them here at the Pulaski County Jail. That means we have $1,575 worth of inmates somewhere else for today. And most likely $1,575 inmates somewhere else for tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after and ….……well you get the picture.

I had some grant issues this past week that tied me up for quite some time to fix and as a result I did not get my homework done on the next spotlight employee for the column that I had planned. I am however, with zero advance planning, going to put the spotlight on a very hardworking county employee who has a very direct impact on the office of the sheriff.

That employee is Whitney Medlin, the Assistant Pulaski County Clerk. While she does not actually work for me, she works her fingers to the bone for the sheriff. Whitney does our payroll every two weeks which frequently puts her in the office working on Sunday, she keeps me up on the budget figures and the sheriff's special funds expense each month, she worked directly with me for two years on the cost figures and future moves we needed to make to maximize federal funds and minimize county funds for the federal people grants that we had. Without her help you have my word that I would not have done nearly as well in the federal grant management field.

Whitney is also the driving force behind the Deputy Sheriff Supplemental Salary Fund grant (DSSSF) at the state level and the extra checks the deputies get each month because of that grant. The grant provisions require an absolute ton of paperwork to prove the actual expense of the county before we can get repaid by the grant. Whitney has to scan and E-mail to me the time card copies, actual checks issued, details of the expense, including actual calculation pages showing how the FICA-Medicare and workers comp expense was determined. At the first of each month she has to figure all of that up and send it to me so I can post it on the DSSSF grant webpage for repayment. It takes me an hour or more to simply enter some simple data and to upload the scanned documents. I have no clue how long she has to work to figure it all up. Without a doubt Whitney is my hardest working employee that I do not have. Thank You Whitney for your service to our office.

In other news Major Thomas Cristoffer has decided that the impound lot and motor pool are under control and he has turned his attention back to the fleet. If you recall the 2007 Ford that was donated to our department Tom has been working on that car for some time now with limited success because the motor pool job took up all of his time. He has now finished removing all of the extra electrical wiring and just about has the car set up to join our fleet. I expect him to tell me this next week that it is in service.

I believe that I am once again over the word count. Please drive with care. Please stay out of my jail. Please get out and vote! But remember, if you decide to visit the jail we will leave the bright jail light bulb burning just for you.