Last week, the city broke ground on its latest sidewalk project, Safe Routes to School.

The project, funded by the Safe Routes to School grant, helps provide safer ways for children to get to school.

The new sidewalks will be placed on the North side of Historic Route 66 by Waynesville Middle School from the front of Casey's General Store to Morgan Street.

City administrator Bruce Harrill said that the City of Waynesville decided to start with that area because they saw it as one of the greatest needs in the area for children walking to school.

“There isn't a sidewalk along Historic Route 66 and it's a very busy street,” We saw a lot of kids walking along the highway and we didn't feel that was a safe way for them to get to school.

Harill said that this phase will be complete by Spring or early Summer.

The project is in four separate phases with the city applying for four separate grants. The next phase of the project will continue down Historic Route along the North side all the way to Ichord Ave.

“This will be a great project for our community,” Harrill said.