Two of three suspects involved in an alleged burglary near Dixon earlier last week have turned themselves in.
Maries County Sheriff Chris Heitman says posting photos of the suspects on Facebook was instrumental in the arrests, as it
On Wednesday, the sheriff's office posted photos of the suspects while in the commission of the alleged crime. The identities of the suspects had not been released as of Thursday night.
Photos were taken with the use of security cameras, which have become increasingly popular among homeowners, the sheriff said.
The suspects also appeared to have minor children with them. One of the photos provided on Facebook and via e-mail have the children's images blocked out.
"The male suspect is expected to turn himself in tomorrow," according to a Nov. 22 post on Sheriff Heitman's Facebook page. "They stated they received calls about their pictures being on facebook, and decided to turn themselves in."
"I want to thank everyone for their help. It is always a good thing when someone makes a mistake, and they own up to it and face the consequences. Charges will be turned in to the Maries County Prosecutor's Office later this week."