The celebration of Christmas is a national tradition in the United States. Manger scenes of Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus have been displayed in public places for generations. Decorated Christmas trees with stars and angels on top have graced public squares, courthouses, and even the White House for years. Christmas carols, and Christmas parties have been enjoyed in schools, businesses, and government buildings for two centuries. Christmas, pageants and plays have been performed in public schools, theaters, and churches since our nation began. The spirit of a generous old Christian, St. Nicholas or Santa Claus, has been enjoyed by children for many years in our country. Christmas cards glorifying the birth of God’s Son Jesus Christ, or rejoicing in old St. Nick giving gifts are traditions. The Christmas season is a national celebration that Americans have enjoyed for two hundred years. It is a part of our culture and heritage.

The shortest day of the year is Winter Solstice on Dec. 21. Atheists, Druids, Witches and pagans gather to celebrate at Stonehenge. They watch the Sun come through the stone columns without giving honor to the Almighty God who created the Sun, the vast Universe, and all life including themselves. Wicca advertises holiday cards honoring the sun god. Atheist cards are advertised honoring Darwin, praising the theoretical ape to man chart, and opinions debunking the virgin birth. That is their choice of winter holiday. However, they should not impose their objections to Christmas upon American citizens. Atheists, Druids, Witches, and Pagans did not establish our country. Pioneers carved farms and homes out of the wilderness.They celebrated Christmas, believed in God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible. They worked hard to provide a good life for their descendents, and establish a country where new generations could enjoy their lives without persecution. Now atheists are working toward depriving the United States of its national holiday, because they hate Christians. Is their goal to establish a Communist state where atheism is the standard philosophy?

Atheists argue that Christmas is a religion. It is not a religion. It is a national holiday that has been enjoyed by the majority of the United States citizens for generations. It is a tradition and part of our heritage. The churches of Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, Pentecostals, and Mormons are defined as religions of Christianity. Christmas is a national holiday, a tradition, and a historical celebration enjoyed by Americans. This part of our culture should not be wiped out because some atheists, Druids, Witches, or Pagans don’t like it. They did not establish our country. Our Pioneer ancestors established this country, and they were Christians.

As our nation has prospered, the celebration of Christmas has become more elaborate. It was in full blazing glory in the 20th century. Stores, businesses, schools, federal buildings, churches, parks, and private homes were decked out in the full glory of the season. Christmas concerts, plays, and movies abounded. Now in the beginning of the 21st century atheist groups want to deny the American public the joy of their Christmas holiday. They want to wipe out all manger scenes, eliminate the word Christmas, and install the term “Winter Holiday.” Christmas offers mankind hope. The Son of God came to Earth in the form of a little baby, born of a virgin girl. Jesus Christ offers us eternal life without sickness, sorrow, or aging. He brings eternal life for our soul in God’s glorious kingdom. Atheists offer a theory about heritage from an ape, no caring Creator God, and a future finality of rotting in the grave. Christmas sounds much better to me.