Families and friends welcome home the 463rd Military Police Company

Cheers of joy echoed throughout Fort Leonard Wood’s Abrams Theater on Monday evening in celebration of the third and last platoon in the 463rd Military Police Company returning home from Afghanistan.

A small ceremony was held for the 40 men and women in the company who have been deployed since Dec. 8, 2011.

Maj. Gen. Mark Yenter, commanding general of Fort Leonard Wood, thanked the soldiers for their service for taking care of each other and returning safely.

“I want the third platoon to know how proud we are of you for what you have done in Afghanistan,” Maj. Gen. Mark Yenter said. “Welcome back and God bless you.”

Lt. Col. Jeffrey Bevington, 92nd Military Police Battalion commander, told the soldiers and their families how proud Fort Leonard Wood is of them.

“Families, you are the unsung heroes,” he said. “Thank you for all of your support while these soldiers were deployed. We truly appreciate it.”

The soldiers were then dismissed, and rushed off the stage into the welcoming arms of their friends and families.

With wide eyes and a sincere smile, Staff Sgt. Angel Robles greeted his wife, two children, and mother moments after he was dismissed.

“I'm beyond excited to be home, I can't even explain it,” Robles said while hugging his 2-year-daughter.

Robles said that the best thing about being home is being with his family.

“That's what everything is done for — the family,” he said, smiling at his wife and kids.

This group of 40 men and women is the last platoon of the 135 soldiers in the 463rd Military Police Company to come home from Afghanistan.