Since Mayor Luge Hardman took office in April 2012, she set out a list of goals she wanted to accomplish in 2012. Several of those goals focused on boosting the city's economy, and looking back on the year, it's safe to say the mayor has accomplished that goal.

In fact, $36 million has gone toward new construction in the past year in the City of Waynesville.

Out of the many new construction projects that the city has started in 2012, three particular projects stick out in Hardman's mind that she believes will truly transform the city's west side: B&B Theatre, Phelps County Regional Medical Center, and Ozark Technical center.

"Those three projects will be huge for us because they bring people," Hardman said. "And when you bring people, other businesses will come."

Hardman said that these projects also will cover a wide variety of needs for the community: entertainment, medical, and education.

Here's a short breakdown of the city's major projects in 2012 and an update of their progress.

1)B&B Cinema:

The project:

In June, the City of Waynesville announced that B&b Theatres will build a 12-screen Theatre, the Waynesville Patriot 12.The theater will feature stadium style-seating with leatherback seats, equipped with the latest B&B technology including digital surround sound and wall-to-wall curved screens.

The Progress:

B&B expects a Summer 2013 opening date and has already began construction.

2)Ozark Technical College

The project: In April, Ozark Technical College broke ground on its new $5 million facility located next to Waynesville High School. The facility will be a one-story building with 11 classrooms, hosting an estimated 1,500 students,

The Progress:

Construction has already began on the project and is expected to The facility will be ready for use in Fall 2013.

3)Phelps County Regional Medical Clinic: Earlier this year, Phelps County Regional Medical Center (PCRMC) purchased property in Waynesville for the development of a new PCRMC clinic in Pulaski County. The new clinic will be located off of Interstate 44, Highway H and the Westgate Exchange, near the Waynesville High School and directly adjacent to the Veterans Primary Care Clinic and will cost an estimated $24 million.


Construction is estimated to begin in Spring, 2013 and will take 14 to 15 months.