Former X Factor contestant Vino Alan visited local fans this weekend in Waynesville and in Rolla.

On Friday night, Hopper's Pub, located on Historic Route 66 in the Square, hosted a meet-and-greet for Alan.

Alan, who was born in Waynesville, said it felt incredible to come back and see all the hometown support.

"It was like coming back full circle after accomplishing what I set out to do," Alan said.

Alan signed autographs for fans for more than two hours on Friday night before his Saturday night show.

Alan said it was important for him to play a show in Rolla because his grandfather graduated from high school there. On Saturday night, Alan played a sold-out acoustic show at the Fat Cats Entertainment Complex in Rolla.

"It was crazy to meet a lot of people that made the trip to see me," he said. "There were people from Pittsburgh, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Florida. I also met over ten females with my named tattooed on their body."

Alan said that the show was special for many reasons.

"I probably won't do acoustic shows like that any more," he said. "It was like revisiting what I used to do for a living, which started out with me playing covers of people who I respect and love."

A hit single is in the making from Vino and is expected to be on the radio by spring, Alan said.

Recently, Alan had a contract with the military for morale welfare and recreation to perform for the troops. Alan said he plans on still singing for the troops while the single is still coming along.

"I don't want to leave my boys hanging," he said.

Alan also said that the album he is working on should be out by early summer.

But for now, Alan is looking forward to his first show in Pulaski County this Friday at Skyy Barr on Highway Z.

"A lot of people went with me on this journey," Alan said. "I'm definitely proud of Pulaski County and I haven't forgotten my roots."